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Transesterification in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2021-07-09Updated:2021-07-09
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1 Deoxyribozymes have some catalytic functions, such as RNA transesterification, DNA transesterification, porphyrin metalation, peroxidase activity, DNA kinase activity and DNA ligase activity.
2 Ethyl lactate was synthesized by transesterification of D, L- lactide with ethanol utilizing concentrated sulfuric acid as catalyst.
3 Experiment on the transesterification of jatropha curcas oil with p - toluene sulphonic acid as catalyst was studied.
4 Using Novozym 435 as catalyst, transesterification of ethyl ferulate(EF)with triolein(TO)to form ferulyl oleins in solvent-free medium was investigated.
5 The results show that the transesterification is an endothermic reaction and higher temperature is favorable for the synthesis of diphenyl carbonate(DPC).
6 Glycerol monostearate with high purity was synthesized by transesterification reaction of methyl stearate and 3-hydroxyl of protected glycerol and hydrolyzation.
7 The synthesis of ethyl methyl carbonate(MEC) using the transesterification of ethanol and dimethyl carbonate(DMC) catalyzed by K 2CO 3 under certain temperature was studied.
8 The analysis of transesterification kinetics shows that the transesterification obeys a second-order reaction kinetics model when the transform ratio is under 95%.
9 Transesterification of cottonseed oil with methanol was carried out with KOH as catalyst.
10 The determination of the components in transesterification of sucrose octaacetate with ethyl oleate by HPLC was studied.
11 Methods of synthesizing diphenyl carbonate included transesterification, urea and carbon disulfide.
12 The synthesis of DPC by transesterification is a novel method substituted for conventional phosgene method.
13 The biodiesel production through transesterification reaction from tallow with methanol was studied,[] and KOH as catalyst.
14 Esterification and transesterification are the most common methods of producing biodiesel. It is important to select an appropriate catalyst based on the properties of raw oil.
15 The present invention may have application in any process involving hydrolysis, esterification, transesterification, interesterification or acylation reactions.
16 This paper reports the study on the sulfonated polystyrene resin used in esterification, transesterification, synthesis of acetals or ketals, synthesis of ether and rearrangement reaction of pinacol.
17 The catalysts, reactor and separating methods for the azeotropic mixture in transesterification were emphasized.
18 The organic solvents can impact the activity strongly. The transesterification activity of enzyme in toluene, isooctane and pyridine has been investigated.
19 Based on enzymology theory, the lipase-catalyzed synthesis of maltose fatty acid ester by transesterification and esterification reaction has been studied.
20 With the raw material of L-ascorbic acid and methyl stearate, the synthesis of L-ascorbyl stearate was studied by transesterification.
21 With Eruca Sativa Gars vegetable oil as raw material and solid acid polyoxometalates as catalyst, the biodiesel is prepared by transesterification. The conversion of vegetable oil is more than 95%.
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