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Prism in a sentence

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Synonym: optical prismSimilar words: prisonprisonercomprisetourismreprisalsurpriseuprisingsurprisedMeaning: ['prɪzm]  n. 1. a polyhedron with two congruent and parallel faces (the bases) and whose lateral faces are parallelograms 2. optical device having a triangular shape and made of glass or quartz; used to deviate a beam or invert an image. 
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1. A prism decomposes sunlight into various colors.
2. Light is refracted when passed through a prism.
3. A prism decomposes light.
4. The light passing through a prism is dispersed into a band of colours.
5. The prelude was as iridescent as a prism in a morning room.
6. The glass prism refracted the white light into the colours of the rainbow.
7. Prism is a registered charity based in Cumbria.
8. Similarly an eyelash in certain light is a prism and becomes a maypole of rainbow colours.
9. Find the volume of the triangular prism below.
10. AIM: To evaluate the therapeutic effects of using prism effect in the correction of muscular asthenopia by changing optical center of presbyopic glasses.
11. The cross aligned prism sheets and diffuser sheets are crucial elements to control the view angle and to determine the view angle ranges of the whole BLUs.
12. The polarizer is a Rochon prism(, the analyzer a Glan - Thomson prism.
13. A spectrum is formed by a ray of light passing through a prism.
14. Light is refracted when it is passed through a prism.
15. The south side of the suture, and the Southern Uplands accretionary prism, was less highly tectonised.
16. Joe viewed the world through what at the time would have been considered a prism of realism.
17. Every detail of city life must now be passed through the prism of the Olympics.
18. It's a silver plastic face plate that clips on to the front of the Prism.
19. His best effort, ordered and systematized, seen through the prism of her own startling intellect.
20. All too often, a safe show in the distorted prism of network thinking is an innocuous show.
21. He is a decent, intelligent human being who happens to see the world through a very narrow prism.
22. Dole, rightly so, was looking at every issue through the prism of the campaign.
23. Because this might not always be available, I can use PRISM to take advantage of RDF's syntax rules to repeat such properties in line, as in Listing 5.
24. One kind of light beam translation quantity smallest Nicol prism form using mathematics method is presented.
25. Surgery magnifier series, weak sight treatment machine series, ladder triangular prism.
26. By means of electron beam evaporation and ion source auxiliary technology, the paper shows the influence of the number of layers on the quality of film polarization beam splitter prism.
27. Mazzeo calls her book an "unauthorized biography of a scent, " but in fact it is a biography of Coco Chanel as seen through the prism of her famous square flacon.
28. Conclusion A myectomy is effective in patients with superior oblique muscle palsy when the direct antagonist is overacting and the hyperdeviation is under 15 prism diopters.
29. Upon reaching the destination point the operation is reversed and the stored energy signatures are reconfigured into matter in proximity to the phase prism.
30. As the tetrahedral grids exist in the majority area, the pentahedral prism grids are adopted near the boundary, which meets the SST model's requirement of mesh in the boundary layer.
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