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Social democracy in a sentence

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Similar words: democracyDemocratdemocraticdemocratizesocial contractsocialtheocracysociallyMeaning: n. the belief in a gradual transition from capitalism to socialism by democratic means. 
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1. That vision can only be a new social democracy.
2. What kind of social democracy will settle down.
3. Class-based social democracy also grew during the period.
4. By no means all revolutionaries were converted to social democracy.
5. The consistently revolutionary wing of Social Democracy, the Bolsheviks, became the authentic vanguard of the proletariat.
6. Social democracy would give us the benefits of both capitalism and socialism without their faults.
7. Thus, the possibility of social democracy is also neatly nipped in the bud.
8. The revolution of 1905 saw Social Democracy become a truly mass movement, and Bolshevik influence rose rapidly.
9. The prospects for a modern social democracy look bleak.
10. The idea is to spread social democracy and economics outwards from Europe.
11. His tough brand of social democracy was largely successful in holding the country together.
12. His final case for social democracy is a "show-me- a -better-foxhole" plea . Nothing else looks more desirable.
13. Not within the party democratic, have social democracy very hard.
14. Freedom and equality are the two principium of social democracy.
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15. Social democracy seems inevitably associated with high taxes and obstructive and overbearing public sector trade unions.
16. Sweden is often held up as an example of a successful social democracy.
17. The truth is that pop is of much greater danger to social democracy than it is to capitalism.
18. From this perspective it was Macmillan, Butler, and their heirs who betrayed Conservatism, by compromising with social democracy.
19. It may yet serve as an unhappy reminder that there are divides greater than those between modern capitalism and modern social democracy.
20. Second, Labour under Mr Kinnock is belatedly making the transition to continental-style social democracy.
21. I carelessly accepted an invitation to debate with Mrs Williams on the future of social democracy etc on the radio.
22. This was a potent theme in a day when the politics of Progressivism was sweeping the land and the movement for social democracy was still nourished by the hopes and ambitions of the small businessman.
23. The two principal strands of modern leftist economic thought are social democracy and redistributive market liberalism.
24. Western Europe could badly use a similar case of social democracy done properly.
25. This attitude is not contradictory to the social democratic value of labour government and the idea of the "third way" , and could be explained by the theory of social democracy.
26. The article divides the conception of democracy into three levels, which are ultraist, governmental, and social democracy respectively.
27. By contrast, Brazil has sought to develop a modern Latin American social democracy that marries a globalised capitalist economy with vigorous government efforts to attack deep-rooted inequalities.
28. Yet it has never dared to shift closer to social democracy, partly for fear of ceding too much ground to a ragbag of parties—greens, communists, anti-capitalists and others—to its own left.
29. Only in this society, people could take part in the great practice of building the sinitic social democracy self-consciously.
30. The problem of justice that has been prominent in the process of modernization in China, the missing of social justice will lead to the result of bear off social democracy.
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