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Socialization in a sentence

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Sentence count:110Posted:2017-01-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: naturalizationhospitalizationinternalizationexternalizationsocializesocializedstabilizationassociationMeaning: n. 1. the action of establishing on a socialist basis 2. the act of meeting for social purposes 3. the adoption of the behavior patterns of the surrounding culture. 
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1. Female socialization emphasizes getting along with others.
2. Schools play an important part in the socialization of our children.
3. Education and socialization were almost synonymous in his view.
4. For some, socialization is their strong point.
5. Both are important in the context of political socialization.
6. Schools are a tool in the socialization of American citizens.
7. Although the media of political socialization have changed over time, the content has not.
8. The initial political socialization research emphasized the overwhelming importance of early socialization, from the family and from early educational experiences.
9. Unlike biological theories, socialization accounts apply equally to women and men.
10. Pleck notes that socialization through language requires a biological pre-adaptedness for using symbol systems.
11. Political Socialization Research has also attempted to identify whether any agents of political socialization have a particularly strong effect on extremist-activists.
12. The media for political socialization in Britain are not dissimilar to those in the United States and many other polities.
13. The aim of socialization is to bring children to a point at which they are no longer dependent on their senior relatives.
14. Political socialization research attempts to explain how such differences in political beliefs can occur.
15. The correlation between education and political socialization in Britain is not greatly dissimilar to that in the United States.
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16. Primary socialization, probably the most important aspect of the socialization process, takes place during infancy, usually within the family.
17. Second, the agents of political socialization might exercise important formative or continuing influence over the beliefs and actions of political activists.
18. Theories of socialization also tend to provide implicitly biological explanations of social relations other than gender.
19. The increase in socialization and working with people from other countries will change our society gradually.
20. Modern selfhood is created and regulated by institutions, child-rearing, and ongoing socialization that enforce the modern order.
21. Conversion to this perspective represented a transition point in the socialization of new arrivals.
22. We can relate specific adult political attitudes and behavioral propensities to the manifest and latent political socialization experiences of childhood.
23. We should want to restore work and family as instruments of male socialization among the poor.
24. It simply establishes a much closer connection between the process of socialization and its symbolic consequences.
25. Barber argues that these traits can be traced back to three components of personal development and socialization.
26. Some aspects of gender identity also take longer to acquire than socialization theory predicts.
27. Contradictory discourses and practices within and between these agencies of socialization are given little serious attention.
28. Are there fundamental elements of human nature that can not be significantly altered by socialization and institutions?
29. None the less, family remains the most important primary influence in the process of political socialization.
30. Thus media are often a major agent of political socialization that government uses to serve its own agenda.
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