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Sugarcoat in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2017-03-29Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: sugarcharcoalcoatraincoatpetticoatnarcoticnarcolepsysarcophagusMeaning: v. 1. coat with something sweet, such as a hard sugar glaze 2. cause to appear more pleasant or appealing. 
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1, The peanuts were sugarcoated.
2, No need to sugarcoat the peace.
3, There's no way of sugar-coating it-the report predicts a grim future for the industry.
4, Some sugar-coated cereals are 50% sugar.
5, The 28 Fluanxol pills are pink, round and sugar-coated and were in foiled paper in a cardboard box.
6, The movie offers a sugar-coated view of lower middle-class life.
7, Don't sugarcoat it.Tell it to him straight.
8, There is no way to sugarcoat the bad news.
9, So tell them what discrimination really is, don't sugarcoat it.
10, To his credit, Mr. Obama did not sugarcoat the difficulties ahead.
11, The effect of sugarcoat on the determination of ibuprofen tablets by titration method are studied.
12, He doesn't sugarcoat his material; he acknowledges that it's difficult.
13, I know of managers who sugarcoat all bad news to such an extentthat the employee on the receiving end feels complimented on having done anoutstanding job.
14, There is no way to sugarcoat it - the latest jobs report is bad news for a country struggling to find a way out of a deepening recession.
15, Objective:To study the effect of sugarcoat on the determination of Chloramphenicol Tablets.
16, 'I'm not going to sugarcoat the fact that the global economic outlook remains uncertain and this uncertainty is likely to continue for some time,[] ' he wrote in his weekly economic note.
17, The mayor did not sugarcoat the reality of the tax cuts.
18, It's probably an odd thing to hear - I wasn't sure how to sugarcoat it.
19, And peace without justice is tyranny, no matter how you may sugarcoat it with expedience.
20, Sometimes, it is better to call a bad shot a bad shot with suggestions for improvement rather than to sugarcoat everything and in the end, one could not taste anything else but sugar.
21, Sensationalism is one aspect of America's bigger-is-better, superlative-crazy culture, one that Graham says has never accepted him, a spindly, self-effacing New Englander who doesn't sugarcoat.
22, It's better to give bad news honestly than to try to sugarcoat it.
23, The human predicament: the fact that we're living in a nightmare that everyone is making excuses for and having to find ways to sugarcoat.
24, One of the great things about living in New York city is that you don't have to sugarcoat your feelings, but have New York women settled for a sugar-free existence as well?
25, Ned: You were strangled to death with a plastic sack. It's probably an odd thing to hear - I wasn't sure how to sugarcoat it.
26, All the errors he'd made, thepatients he might have harmed because of his carelessness. She did not sugarcoat the truth: that Capra was failing and would not be allowed to finish thesurgery program.
27, Be honest and truthful with your employees at all times; don't sugarcoat the truth in an attempt to soften the blow of difficult news.
28, Those readings put him in touch with the traditions that don't sugarcoat death, that don't diminish pain and loss and horror.
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