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Vicissitude in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2017-03-29Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: lassitudesolicitudefortitudeaptitudelatitudeattitudesolitudealtitudeMeaning: [vɪ'sɪsɪtuːd /-tju-]  n. 1. a variation in circumstances or fortune at different times in your life or in the development of something 2. mutability in life or nature (especially successive alternation from one condition to another). 
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(1) Behind the ornate.Not the vicissitudes of life.But dirty.
(2) A man used to vicissitudes is not easily dejected.
(3) I know the injury, vicissitudes of the past, Cheng pulls you to see the eyes of the world.
(4) He experienced several great social vicissitudes in his life.
(5) Whatever the vicissitudes of her past life, Jill now seems to have come through.
(6) Cranmer's reputation has suffered various vicissitudes.
(7) The comparatively long time intervals between such environmental vicissitudes may be characterized by stasis in ecosystems as well as the component species.
(8) Through the vicissitudes of life in a frontier province, Our Lady of Sion has remained the tutelary patroness of Lorraine.
(9) Size provides a cushion to the vicissitudes of markets but it creates other problems.
(10) The Pantheon has survived many vicissitudes; first the barbarian invasions and later the despoliation by the Catholic Church.
(11) His Meditations, with their emphasis on the vicissitudes of perpetual change, exude an air of world-weariness.
(12) It could have shared the owner's adventures and vicissitudes, occupied his leisure hours, cheered his bleaker moments.
(13) As we have said, Simon Peter's vicissitudes, as depicted by Anita Mason(Sentence dictionary), can not have been unique.
(14) It reflects the vicissitude of society.
(15) It is indeed a strange vicissitude of our science.
(16) On one hand it explores the vicissitude process of the relationship between ports and coast cities.
(17) The key problem of neoteric vicissitude in China is the social modernization of China, however, industrialization is the central of the modernization.
(18) So great a vicissitude in his life could not at once be received as real.
(19) Cultural and social vicissitude and the development of local community affect and contact mutually.
(20) By exploring origin and vicissitude of bona fide possession, we point out that the system of bona fides possession only is applied to movable property at first, and then to immovable property later.
(21) You could say that losing your job is just one of the vicissitudes of life.
(22) Self-pity is a totally contemptible vice and I have throughout many vicissitudes and much unmerited disappointment avoided it as a plague.
(23) She loved poetry and was quick to laugh or weep at the vicissitudes of life.
(24) Thus neither side is any further forward, and each is adventitiously yoked to the vicissitudes of a complex metaphysical issue.
(25) Similarly, it was argued that globalisation spread a company's exposure to geographical vicissitudes of local economies.
(26) Over the millennia, cultures have changed very substantially as they have learned to cope with environmental vicissitudes.
(27) First chapter elaborated education - through - labor historical vicissitude and the development tendency.
(28) The future is so uncertain that we cannot know all the vicissitude of our fortunes.
(29) The first part tries to discuss the influences of the politics vicissitude on literature evolution.
(30) Our future property law should comply with the historical trend of the vicissitude property.
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