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Shrivel in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-02-07Updated:2017-02-07
Synonym: shrinkwitherwrinkleSimilar words: thrivedrivelshriekshrimpshrinkshrillshriekingrivetMeaning: ['ʃrɪvl]  v. 1. wither, as with a loss of moisture 2. decrease in size, range, or extent. 
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1. The leaves started to shrivel up.
2. Under the direct sunlight young plants will shrivel up.
3. The leaves change colour, then shrivel.
4. You ought to pick those lettuces before they shrivel and die.
5. The paper started to shrivel and curl up in the heat.
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6. The poor things shrivel up in protest.
7. Probably shrivel up like a cactus in a microwave.
8. It should shrivel in ineptitude.. Prime target.
9. Otherwise they shrivel up and die almost instantly.
10. These collapse, shrivel and dry as though scorched - but this is not to be confused with frost scorch.
11. The steel companies seem to want to shrivel, to disappear.
12. These microscopic biting flies would dry and shrivel in minutes out in the sun.
13. What was meant for a joyous occasion would shrivel to a general wretchedness.
14. In a rough economy, they said, budgets shrivel and advertisers get stern and cautious.
15. But eventually, even red dwarfs will shrivel up and die.
16. The tetrads eventually shrivel or are resorbed.
17. Soon it would shrivel away.
18. Though not many positions shrivel to zero, funds do suffer 2 % losses all the time.
19. The penis is the first to shrivel when it's cold.
20. The paper would shrivel and blaze at every touch of the fiery pen.
21. Whenever I go to a party, I shrivel up and hope no one will notice me.
22. Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance.
23. Get the bulbs into the ground, or they will begin to shrivel.
24. And in that instant her heart seemed to burst with love inside her and simultaneously shrivel with grief and helplessness.
25. Yet if they wait while a complex corporate empire is unwound, the value of their loans can shrivel almost to nothing.
26. Why do Kate's onions grow so well, while mine shrivel and rot in the ground?
27. Her anger, newly kindled, needed something to scorch and shrivel before it could be extinguished.
28. Noble Rot is when Botrytis Cinerea fungus attacks ripe undamaged grape at which it will suck out the water in the grape to make it shrivel to tiny raisins.
29. Why finial superior from political and business circle feel so shrivel in face of financial crisis?
30. Then their seed ripens, and soon they turn brown and shrivel up.
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