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Scowling in a sentence

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Sentence count:47Posted:2017-02-13Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: cowlickscowlcrawlingsprawlingmudslinginglingeringscorchingclingMeaning: [skaʊl]  adj. sullen or unfriendly in appearance. 
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1. A scowling man briskly led the Queen's husband away from the great unwashed.
2. He sits alone all day scowling at passers - by.
3. I stood my ground, hands on hips, scowling.
4. Mitchell rubbed the back of his neck, scowling.
5. "What do you want?" said the old man, scowling.
6. Good riddance, she thought, scowling fiercely at the water.
7. Luckily, singer Suggs, scowling at his beer in a swanky West End joint, reckons I didn't miss anything.
8. He went reluctantly, scowling and cursing the man on the horse.
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9. He was silent, scowling, and Hoomey was too uncertain of him to say anything.
10. What are you scowling at me for? You asked me to wake you up.
11. But now it sits scowling outside the conversation of humankind, offering expert opinion with a sneer.
12. She was scowling and he felt slightly impatient with her.
13. We sat for hours, scowling with concentration, cross-stitching cute little scenes and heartfelt sayings on squares of linen.
14. The off-shift sat scowling on a wall, counting their money.
15. Reed has been scowling so long in his long career that it seems a natural repose for him.
16. He evinced his displeasure by scowling.
17. His scowling face promised ill for our future.
18. Scowling, Chueh - hui bit his lips.
19. Why are you scowling at me? I've done nothing.
20. Scowling, the lad slouched over.
21. He was reading a newspaper and scowling heavily.
22. He was drinking his double whiskey too fast and scowling.
23. I held the receiver away from my ear and looked at it, scowling.
24. Your facial expressions can help to emphasize parts of your speech too: try smiling, scowling, or raising your eyebrows.
25. The cabby was approaching fast; his hatred seemed to have intensified on his scowling face.
26. He nods stiffly, then settles his chin down on his chest, scowling.
27. Banjo folded his arms across the front of his Mac West, scowling, not looking at Connors.
28. Most seemed to be in caustic middle age, faces blank or scowling.
29. Luce washed herself and smoothed her fringe as best she could, scowling at her reflection in the mirror.
30. When she rubbed them clear he was no longer there. Good riddance, she thought, scowling fiercely at the water.
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