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Sprawling in a sentence

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Sentence count:142Posted:2017-01-27Updated:2017-01-27
Similar words: crawlingdrawlcrawlsprayscrawlscrawleddyspraxiaoffspringMeaning: [sprɔːl]  n. an ungainly posture with arms and legs spread about. adj. spreading out carelessly (as if wandering) in different directions. 
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1) He was sprawling in an armchair in front of the TV.
2) There were weeds sprawling in the yard.
3) The blow sent him sprawling.
4) The fire is sprawling in all directions.
5) The city is a sprawling behemoth with no heart.
6) I tripped and went sprawling.
7) Something hit her and sent her sprawling to the ground.
8) I tripped on a stone and went sprawling on the pavement.
9) The sway of the crowd sent him sprawling.
10) A patch of soft sand almost sent him sprawling.
11) Nolan Ryan sent Dave Winfield sprawling to eat dirt.
12) One of them collided with Dunne and went sprawling.
13) The war has left the sprawling nation carved up into various regions controlled by the government and rebel armies.
14) The sprawling figures of men and serpents and lizards can only be viewed from high above: art for the gods.
15) James was sent sprawling across his own parlour carpet,[] a blinding anger building inside him.
16) This sprawling town faces no shortage of dilemmas as it oozes toward the millennium.
17) Scorsese is sprawling in a chair during a lull when my mobile trills.
18) Agriculture was California; there were no sprawling defense and aerospace industries, there was no Silicon Valley.
19) Portland is a sprawling city on the banks of the Willamette River.
20) So, a little nervous of the sprawling city, Mavis moved in with Ronnie.
21) Held in a sprawling Phoenix convention center, the lavish party is big enough to accommodate four or five bands simultaneously.
22) I will be profoundly relieved when I can escape from the prosaic explanations and defences of this present sprawling mess of words.
23) She hit the edge of the table with bruising force, her upper body sprawling over its surface.
24) The door shot open, knocking Bill from his feet and sending him sprawling across the sidewalk.
25) Gallagher drove his fist into his face and sent him sprawling on his back.
26) But direct democracy could not survive the size and complexity of the pluralistic, sprawling nation-states that developed in modern times.
27) Whatever it was precipitated an avalanche of other objects which thundered down around him as Charles fell sprawling to the ground.
28) But no matter how much geography changes in the sprawling Old Pueblo, the site still manages to retain its cottonwood-laced charm.
29) All experience shows that the best intelligence comes from small, well-run agencies, not huge sprawling empires.
30) Although he hadn't actually handled her particularly roughly, she lost her balance and went sprawling on the floor.
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