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Trifling in a sentence

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Synonym: dalliancedawdlingnegligiblepaltrySimilar words: stiflingtrifleflingriflerifledflinchflintstrifeMeaning: ['traɪflɪŋ]  n. the deliberate act of delaying and playing instead of working. adj. not worth considering. 
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1. Fortunately, the stormy waves caused trifling damage to the boat.
2. The child sat trifling with the burnt bread upon his plate.
3. Outside California these difficulties may seem fairly trifling.
4. The girl sat there trifling with a pen.
5. The money involved was a trifling sum.
6. It was such a trifling sum of money to argue about!
7. Usually haemorrhage was trifling and healing clean.
8. One man's breakthrough is often another's trifling adaptation.
9. With trifling exceptions the record is restricted to monetary values.
10. Trifling though they may appear, these are the conventionally cited points of contention between the Celtic and Roman churches.
11. But aside from such trifling accomplishments, the superhero is also symbolic of an era of remarkable technological change.
12. Spenser's stories, if superficially trifling, are yet justified by the symbolism.
13. Little bits fall off the car, some trifling part has been improperly milled, a mechanic makes a mistake.
14. They themselves face no more than a trifling penalty if caught.
15. The benefits to the poor are trifling, and for native peoples, invariably negative.
16. The fines for these licences were uniformly trifling, implying that they were obtainable without difficulty.
17. He is always trifling with his cigarette lighter.
18. Don't let this trifling matter affect our good relationship.
19. The guests had each paid £250, no trifling sum.
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20. The girl sat trifling with her skirt.
21. It is trifling to argue between individualism and collectivism.
22. They often fall out over some trifling matter.
23. Such a trifling thing is hardly worth mentioning.
24. Are you still suffering from the routine and trifling office network system maintenance?
25. Are you sure that you want to proceed against your neighbour over such a trifling matter?
26. It's wrong of you to take the child to task for such trifling offenses.
27. It is a pity that such an ability as him should be employed about such trifling matters.
28. And here is the Duchess of Alba, tearing at her hair in a rage over some trifling remark.
29. The sign on the door tells the visitor he can have a tooth extracted for a trifling sum.
30. The disease of the eye can not regard as trifling matter!
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