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Scientific method in a sentence

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Sentence count:65Posted:2016-12-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: scientificscientistconscientiousidentificationmethodscience fictionefficientsufficientMeaning: n. a method of investigation involving observation and theory to test scientific hypotheses. 
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1. The modern scientific method is usually attributed to Galileo.
2. The scientific method has provided standards for research.
3. The scientific method may sometimes mislead.
4. It could reinforce prescriptions for an appropriate scientific method.
5. They solved them by the scientific method.
6. As criticism is the backbone of the scientific method, this accounts for the indentations permanently sunk into my chest.
7. There are four essential characteristics of the scientific method: 1.
8. Marxism was not primarily a scientific method designed to uncover the mechanisms of the capitalist economy.
9. A fourth criticism faults the scientific method, because it does not help answer the crucial normative questions of politics.
10. Scientific method, using experiment and reasoning, has led to a marvellous extension of knowledge.
11. Most contemporary political scientists attempt to use the scientific method to establish shared knowledge about the political world.
12. Within the framework of the scientific method, there are different ways of undertaking political analysis.
13. Scientific method, however, is concerned with verification.
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14. But in general have a more scientific method emetic.
15. He believed in scientific method - phenomena were explainable.
16. Scientists follow no rigid scientific method in their investigations.
17. I used the scientific method to attain this end.
18. Hypotheses and theories are part of the scientific method — the process of asking and answering questions by experimentation.
19. But scientific method does enable large numbers to walk with surer steps.
20. This book will offer many examples of generalizations and empirical findings about politics that are based on the scientific method.
21. It is squarely in the scientific tradition and is a conscious attempt to apply scientific method to international relations.
22. Let us briefly consider how you might analyze this claim by means of the scientific method.
23. The root of materialism is probably a firm commitment to empirical scientific method as the only reliable way to discover truth.
24. The research process is quite different from the steps in the scientific method.
25. In their undergraduate years they are drilled in factual knowledge and scientific method, and rarely see patients outside hospital buildings.
26. Feminist extensions of conventional psychological methodology often resemble more explicitly oppositional programmes for social scientific method.
27. It might be argued that this problem regarding interpersonal differences underscores the virtue of the scientific method, at least in theory.
28. Not everyone agrees that it is appropriate and desirable to apply the scientific method to politics.
29. A major and widely respected statement of the philosophy and application of the scientific method.
30. A third criticism is that the analysis of politics can not be objective in the way assumed by the scientific method.
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