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Montage in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-03-29Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: vintagecontagionpercentageadvantagecontagiousdisadvantagetake advantage ofcomparative advantageMeaning: [mɑn'tɑːʒ /mɒ-]  n. a paste-up made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to form an artistic image. 
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1. The ads feature a montage of images - people surfing, playing football and basketball.
2. Montage is hardly a new idea.
3. This montage involved a combination of movement which progressed from a short solo performance to interweaving by the sextet.
4. We need a montage specialist.
5. Let's now go to today's scenery montage.
6. Montage creates a composite image by combining several separate images.
7. Back on Earth, in a wordless montage, Batman goes to see Vixen.
8. New interpretations of frame and montage become apparent, as you play cards with the body parts that are shots of a horror scene, and see this scene itself pulled apart from its temporal order.
9. For example, Bazin montage undermine the film is the wrong view of reality.
10. Technology follows Hollywood dreams; here's hoping thellos montage is a portent of what's coming soon.
11. A key element in montage, sound plays a vital role in motif reinforcement and characterization.
12. Comrade Chen Zufen speaks the raw material montage below the collection extemporarily into mayor of a book,[sentence dictionary] can serve as art of leader cadre speech to undertake deliberate for the reader.
13. Baroque recitative and montage technique account for each other to predominate the entire poem, projecting a bizarre vista of postmodernism.
14. For a few seconds his mind held in montage all the wrecked towns.
15. These are the montage Bazin on Criticism of the brief introduction.
16. The montage shears the plait table that the cutting is like music.
17. The end-credit montage not only contains artwork in the style of many ancient cultures, but also mimics specific artists such as 'Vincent Van Gogh', Georges Seurat, and Auguste Renoir.
18. Alternatively[], buy a frame and create a simple montage yourself.
19. After effects and premier montage 10 sec intro and 10 sec conclusion.
20. Technology follows Hollywood dreams; here's hoping this montage is a portent of what's coming soon.
21. In short, this film of which I dreamed was not a montage of standard scenes and stock characters.
22. The proportions alter according to the final placement within the montage.
23. It played these roles thanks to impeccable photographic skills, including montage and front-projection.
24. In another life, your team must have been a montage.
25. In short, this film of which I dreamt was not a montage of standard scenes and stock characters.
26. As the late Victor Schwab would put it, "our mind is a montage of hasty impressions, fuzzy generalities, bromidic wall-motto sentiments, self-justifications and sentimentalities."
27. The present we use finite element method software carries out the analog computation and analysis on montage roadbed settlement, the project design provides direction and the basis to roadbed montage.
28. The Prime Minister bore a striking resemblance to the Britain's Got Talent runner-up in a montage made up for the popular comedy current affairs programme showing him clad as the singer.
29. Take these items and get them professionally framed in a three dimensional montage.
30. "at the same time, influenced by Griffith' s american films, montage was developed as an editing technique in "Potemkin (Battleship)"(1925) and "The End of St. Peterburg"(1927). "
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