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Regress in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2017-02-10Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: progressSimilar words: regressivepressure groupregretegregiousdigresstigressprogressCongressMeaning: [rɪ'gres]  n. 1. the reasoning involved when you assume the conclusion is true and reason backward to the evidence 2. returning to a former state. v. 1. go back to a statistical means 2. go back to a previous state 3. get worse or fall back to a previous condition 4. go back to bad behavior. 
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1. They do, however, tend to regress rapidly after childbirth.
2. The regress argument is an argument that as well as the inferentially justified beliefs, there must be some beliefs which are justified non-inferentially.
3. This ambivalence may regress into a fatalistic view of herself and her future.
4. The freeze front will regress spontaneously.
5. All factors have obvious regress effects on learning strategy.
6. The attempt leads to an infinite regress.
7. At the moment of victory, we regress.
8. To stand still is to regress.
9. Many of the symptoms will regress or disappear.
10. Do cancers always regress before killing us if they cannot maintain their telomeres?
11. Through demarcating sensor and corresponding regress manage, can get relation between dielectric loss angle and grain moisture content. The relation was stored to memory of single-chip computer.
12. Jack Jurasky, Riggins "would most likely regress to a manifest psychosis and become extremely difficult to manage" if he were taken off Mellaril.
13. Benign cysts may be more prominent premenstrually and regress in size during the follicular phase.
14. Another difficulty is the infinite regress generated by the view of Locke and many other philosophers.
15. The stepwise regress technology was applied to analyze the factors after virtualization of status variables.
16. We like to regress.
17. Many prisoners, on being freed , regress to a life of crime.
18. Jurisdiction is inclining to regress under the guidance of the conservative associate justicer pointed by the New Conservatism President.
19. If we are to avoid this foundationalist conclusion we shall have to show that the regress argument is fallacious.
20. The less compatible a pair the greater the probability that their relationship will regress in the presence of another animal.
21. The country faces a pivotal presidential election in June in which the choice is quite simply to go forward or regress.
22. Also, when considering development, it must be stressed that we do not have to depend on an infinite regress.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. But this idea is not available to anybody convinced by the regress argument.
24. Through studying many kinds of vagarious architecture which is with some deep theory, this article points out that it contains a kind of natural regress.
25. Compares the start-up period and the heating characteristics of the first stage machines under two regress temperature difference.
26. Very not easy stop next, wayside queuing already a long time of crowd the Feng then and instanter hug but up, leave of the passenger again can regress to go on etc. car.
27. To compute the risk ( Pr ) of fatality with the logistic regress equation.
28. Every movement towards it is progress and every movement away is regress.
29. Thispaperutilize diffeffdistant observation data of Suzhou huqiu tower distortion to found regress model and ARIMAmodel, theresultisrelativelysatisfaction.
30. Aiming at the weight computing problem in the group analytic hierarchy process(AHP), logarithmic regress is adopted.
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