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Aggregate in a sentence

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Synonym: accumulateadd upamount tocompiletotalAntonym: segregateSimilar words: aggressionaggressiveaggravategregariousnegatedelegatevariegatedaggrandizeMeaning: ['ægrɪgət]  n. 1. a sum total of many heterogenous things taken together 2. the whole amount. v. 1. amount in the aggregate to 2. gather in a mass, sum, or whole. adj. 1. gathered or tending to gather into a mass or whole 2. formed of separate units in a cluster. 
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1) The smaller minorities got an aggregate of 1,327 votes.
2) The football team had a low goal aggregate last season.
3) The three smaller parties gained an aggregate of 25 per cent of the vote.
4) They purchased an aggregate of 3000 shares in the company.
5) Manchester United won 2-1 on aggregate.
6) What were your aggregate wages last year?
7) They won 42 on aggregate.
8) Our team scored the most goals on aggregate.
9) The seven companies have an aggregate turnover of £5.2 million.
10) In the aggregate ,[] women outlive men by 7 or more years.
11) The tax increases will, in the aggregate, cause much hardship.
12) Businesses are, in the aggregate, deeper in debt than ever before.
13) The highest aggregate came in the third round where Leeds and Middlesbrough drew 4-4.
14) What are the determinants of aggregate demand?
15) Conventional econometric models typically treat aggregate supply only scantily.
16) It may therefore produce greater uncertainty about aggregate demand.
17) Aggregate demand comprised two basic elements, investment and consumption.
18) What are the determinants of aggregate supply?
19) How responsive is it to changes in aggregate demand?
20) This intermediate variable then affects aggregate demand.
21) Can the government influence aggregate supply, and how?
22) What is the shape of the aggregate supply curve?
23) Both power and wealth aggregate within the affluent class.
24) Share: The aggregate of called up share capital and all reserves, excluding minority interests. 13.
25) This aggregate supply curve is of fundamental importance to the macroeconomic policy conclusions often drawn from the rational expectations hypothesis.
26) They aggregate the demands of citizens and communicate these to government officials.
27) The company will spend an aggregate of $2 million on the product.
28) England have beaten the Welsh three times in succession with an aggregate score of 83-12.
29) It imposed fines totalling £328,500 on 105 solicitors, compared with 76 solicitors fined an aggregate of £216,000 the year before.
30) Inpart it is directed at particular features of the standard treatment - notably the assumption of an aggregate production function.
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