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Psychosomatic in a sentence

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Sentence count:57Posted:2017-06-16Updated:2017-06-16
Similar words: psychosispsychoanalyticpsychosomaticpsychologypsychotherapypsychopathicpsychologistMeaning: adj. used of illness or symptoms resulting from neurosis. 
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1. Children are just as susceptible to psychosomatic conditions as adults.
2. It also includes the generally accepted mind-body or psychosomatic influence of each oil.
3. In the psychosomatic sphere it might cause headaches during or because of coitus or a tendency to nausea whenever coitus was performed.
4. Anyone who has a chronic psychosomatic illness is definitely stuck somewhere on the time track.
5. The full range of symptoms attributed to psychosomatic illness are shown in Table 1.
6. There are several ways in which psychosomatic symptoms can be generated.
7. The psychosomatic viewpoint had been going more and more out of fashion for fifty years.
8. Anorexia is one of the psychosomatic disorders.
9. As a kind of psychosomatic disorder, primary dysmenorrhea has undividable connection with the mental problems, which actually is a kind of concrete and typical pain.
10. Conclusion Some psychosocial factors are related to psychosomatic symptoms of women with hyperemesis gravidarum, which provide a theoretical basis for psychological intervention during pregnancy.
11. Unintentional injuries and psychoneurosis will affect the people's psychosomatic health and cause heavy social burdens.
11. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
12. Results Psychosomatic demands mainly consist of safety, life care and the knowledge related to infusion.
13. Psychosomatic medicine is a new branch which focus on the relationship between spirit and human body.
14. Doctors refused to treat her, claiming that her problems were all psychosomatic.
15. Tests showed that her problems were more than merely psychosomatic.
16. One fascinating interaction between mind and body is seen in an illness known as psychosomatic glycaemia fatigue.
17. Here is the basic pattern Of the engram which will contain the chronic psychosomatic illness in any patient.
18. Was it purely physical or did it have a psychosomatic dimension, as her sudden and dramatic recovery could indicate?
19. On the other hand, if we are under-stressed we will become lethargic and tired and psychosomatic illnesses could occur.
20. Predominantly a disorder of young people, and especially of women, a psychosomatic element seems involved.
21. These dummy challenges are also known as placebos. Food intolerance or psychosomatic illness?
22. Where the environment has changed, the symptoms of hysteria have been replaced by a multitude of character neuroses and psychosomatic manifestations.
23. Many of the aspects of stress, especially the physical ones, are examples of psychosomatic disorders.
24. Coleridge was now frequently ill with complaints which, though genuine enough, must surely have been complicated by psychosomatic factors.
25. For Dillon, it seems to encompass everything from frank delusion to psychosomatic symptoms to psychological responses to organic illness, taking in depression and body dysmorphia along the way.
26. Conclusion Gender, age, and living habits have something to do with FD and DU. FD is a psychosomatic disease, while neuroticism in DU is a psychological adjustment secondary to somatopathy.
27. In his twenties, still possessively dominated by his widowed mother on the slow trek from his birthplace in Greece to Turin, Munich and Paris, he suffered from psychosomatic intestinal troubles.
28. It is believed that sub health state is in close relation with psychosomatic disorders.
29. OBJECTIVE To research the status of various patents of psychosomatic disease using pharmaceutical care in hospitals.
30. Methods CMI test were administered to 341 signalmen to assess their psychosomatic health status.
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