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Psychoanalyst in a sentence

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Sentence count:24Posted:2017-03-04Updated:2017-03-04
Similar words: analystpsychologypsychologistpsychologicalanalyseanalysesanalysispsycheMeaning: [‚saɪkəʊ'ænəlɪst]  n. a licensed practitioner of psychoanalysis. 
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(1) He's a psychologist - or rather, a psychoanalyst.
(2) He is a famous psychoanalyst.
(3) She advanced this theory to the child psychoanalyst to whom she was delivered the next day.
(4) The response of a psychoanalyst might be to say, so what?
(5) The psychoanalyst Sam Osherson theorizes that fatherhood threatens the very structure of male psychology.
(6) Klein is not the only psychoanalyst to have commented upon the place of material objects in play.
(7) Like an old-fashioned psychoanalyst, Chandler saw his task as the dismantling of illusion.
(8) A psychoanalyst would perhaps say that we learn to deny ourselves this satisfaction in favour of more sublimated pleasures.
(9) So Gould grew up to become a psychoanalyst, a kind of secular savior.
(10) Sudhir Kakar, trained as a psychoanalyst in the West, finds much to admire in his work.
(11) According to psychoanalyst 25)Manfred Kets de Vries, the only cure for the boredom and anxiety is to give something back.
(12) Jacques Lacan, as a post - psychoanalyst, the post - modern tendency of whose theory is remarkable.
(13) The case was brought by a psychoanalyst who says a journalist misquoted him in a series of magazine articles.
(14) Bayard, a 52-year-old professor of literature and a psychoanalyst, has gotten this far without ever having picked up "Oliver Twist" or finished "Ulysses.
(15) Famous Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung developed the concept of the “animus” to better understand the inner masculine side of women.
(16) But during this period, she also saw a psychoanalyst to help her manage her mental illness.
(17) Freud initiated his critical research as a psychoanalyst and doctor.
(18) Dudley plays a psychoanalyst who falls in love with his patient.
(19) An aura of holiness and specialness also surrounds stories of the birth and early childhood of psychoanalyst and family therapist Craig Fouassis.
(20) Jonathan Lear is professor of philosophy at Yale, and is also a psychoanalyst.
(21) In truth, this indeed is the major mode of this rejection that I am designating as essential to one or other present position of the psychoanalyst.
(22) There is something called the Napoleon complex, which was identified by the psychoanalyst Alfred Adler, by means of which small men are supposed to overcompensate for their height by aggressiveness.
(23) Anna Freud, the youngest of his six children, became a noted psychoanalyst herself.
(24) According to Bion, containment not only is the earliest way of communication between mother and infant, but should be the mode of interaction between patient and psychoanalyst as well.
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