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Psychical in a sentence

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Sentence count:25Posted:2017-03-24Updated:2017-03-24
Similar words: psychicpsychologicalpsychiatristpsychepsychologypsychologistpsychoanalystpsychoanalysisMeaning: ['saɪkɪkl] adj. 1. affecting or influenced by the human mind 2. outside the sphere of physical science. 
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1. The Society for Psychical Research is investigating reports of a ghost at the old vicarage.
2. Think of all the hands-on psychical research that is just coming at you free of charge.
3. To make a profession out of psychical research was hardly possible, even though by the 1880s there were career structures in more-established sciences.
4. In the primary processes of the unconscious system, psychical energy flows freely by means of displacement and condensation.
5. A profound psychical revolution might erupt from this experience of the pregnant female as priest.
6. Objective:Study the psychical state of special persons who have touched dead pigs under the closed management.
7. The psychical entities which seem to serve as elements in thought are certain signs and more or less clear images which can be 'voluntarily' reproduced and combined.
8. Much attention should be paid to psychical rehabilitation in the course of treatment.
9. This is the highest psychical state where consciousness appears to be face to face with Reality.
10. "Wail" is a kind of psychical verb that cannot be sketched and described directly by pictures.
11. In religion incense is used primarily with the psychical aspects of smell.
12. Aesthetic distance is also called"psychical distance", which is one of the most influential theories in aesthetics.
13. Draw of body shell , crimp in foot fall, Unable diction , get feel painful to nothing slack transpierce psychical !
14. Along with this comes a fading of the egocentric self that is generating all of this psychical clutter.
15. This is mainly because of his contradictions between reason and perception, thought and other complicated psychical factors.
16. A. Schopenhauer's and F. W. Nietzsche's voluntarism is a kind of philosophical world outlook, while S. Freud's theory of instincts is a kind of psychical philosophy.
17. Conclusion Patients with CIC have abnormalities both in anorectal motility and psychical factors.
18. The Setting-up of the Positive Psychologically Healthy Education Center symbolizes that Beijing 19th Middle School makes a significant step for the psychical education.
19. In this way we can situate its place in the psychical economy.
20. Objective To investigate psychosomatic health with insomniac patients ,[] for offering scientific and effective psychical nursing intervention .
21. This paper gives a detailed analysis on the cyclical psychical time structure. The structure is not stastistic.
22. Israeli researchers conduct similar studies to help people reveal their new potential through self-regulation changing their consciousness and improving the psychical body potential for athletes.
23. Finally, we must bring up the higher level expression and progressively establish a new psychical frame.
24. Conclusion: The Liuhe - lottery does harm to people, s psychical health and should be for bidden.
25. Objective To investigate the changes of anorectal motility and psychical factors in patients with chronic idiopathic constipation (CIC).
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