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Psychoanalytic in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2017-06-12Updated:2017-06-12
Similar words: psychoanalystpsychoanalysisanalyticanalyticsanalyticalanalyticallypsychopsychosisMeaning: ['saɪkəʊænə'lɪtɪk]  adj. of or relating to or incorporating the methods and theory of psychiatric treatment originated by Sigmund Freud. 
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1. It's all full of psychoanalytic mumbo-jumbo.
2. Dreaming has a key role in psychoanalytic theory.
3. In the psychoanalytic model there is no place for basic positive motives.
4. Changing the Subject pays continuous attention to psychological, psychoanalytic, and social discourses of gender.
5. Certainly psychoanalytic theory helps understanding of some actions of people in pre-literate societies, or of children and neurotics in Western societies.
6. Then, artillery was aimed straight at the psychoanalytic heart: at neurosis!
7. Nixon has been subjected to as much psychoanalytic study as any political figure in history.
8. From the perspective of psychoanalytic theory,( religion has a key importance in human societies.
9. Some psychoanalytic writing appears to lend support to these assumptions.
10. Psychoanalytic Approaches Traditionally, our formal knowledge about top political leaders came from relatively straight forward reports of biography and journalism.
11. The psychoanalytic idea of the subject as unconscious, as well as conscious, provides a stronger challenge.
12. Psychoanalytic theory has probably been the single most important theoretical influence on the discipline of Art History over the past decade.
13. But, for Jacques Lacan and other psychoanalytic theorists, the project to discover the real face remains a fantasy.
14. In psychoanalytic school, Rung's analytic psychology is prominent.
15. He framed the problem within the psychoanalytic paradigm.
16. Conclusion psychoanalytic therapy was effective treatment of phobia patients.
17. The influence of psychoanalytic theory mainly embodies in pansexualism, dream interpretation, and the theory of personality.
18. Nathaniel Hawthorne was the pioneer of romanticist and psychoanalytic novels in the history of American literature.
19. We can only speculate on whether this is another example of the pervasive influence of psychoanalytic thinking in our culture.
20. The driving mirror is first and foremost an image: a self-reflexive representation or, in psychoanalytic terms, a narcissistic identification.
21. It may well have been rooted in a repressed homosexuality according to the psychoanalytic model.
22. This observation of Freud's has profound implications for the way in which psychoanalytic theory about groups and societies is built up.
23. Other feminist writers, however, have tried to reevaluate the significance of psychoanalytic theory for feminism.
24. Wullschlager tackles the crucial but opaque question of Andersen's sexuality with tact, resisting psychoanalytic facilities.
25. He was clearly influenced by a reading of Freudian psychoanalytic writings in attempts at historical reconstructions of cultural stages in anthropology.
26. This, like most of the purely psychological theories - including psychoanalytic ones - are strictly methodological-individualistic.
27. Recent analyses of the political personality of top leaders often take a more explicitly psychoanalytic perspective.
28. More revealing than their obvious differences are those points of overlap between the materialist and the psychoanalytic accounts.
29. One to deal with its mathematical, one with its philosophical and psychoanalytic, one with its artistic implications.
30. Students are exposed to the range of theoretical perspectives including biological, evolutionary, cognitive, and psychoanalytic.
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