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Psychedelic in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2017-03-26Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: psychepsychicpsychicalpsychologypsychologistpsychiatristpsychoanalystpsychologicalMeaning: [‚saɪkɪ'delɪk]  adj. 1. producing distorted sensory perceptions and feelings or altered states of awareness or sometimes states resembling psychosis 2. having the vivid colors and bizarre patterns associated with psychedelic states 3. (of a mental state) characterized by intense and distorted perceptions and hallucinations and feelings of euphoria or sometimes despair. 
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1 Mescalin and LSD are psychedelic drugs.
2 Gareth wore of course his psychedelic jacket.
3 Psychedelic drugs are the false friend of the human mind, and a hidden killer of the drug addicts. Dr T.P.Chia 
4 Ladbroke Grove urban guerilla psychedelic sci-fi warriors probably sums it up.
5 The Psychedelics Encyclopedia lists nine families of different psychedelic drugs.
6 Psychedelic green moss and bright yellow rhododendron leaves submerged in pools like goldfish reminded me of Aros on Mull.
7 The desire for the pleasures of psychedelic drugs is a deadly desire. The addicts are killing themselves slowly with the pills. Dr T.P.Chia 
8 Are you able pair off these moving psychedelic images?
9 Psychedelic, Space Rock, Stoner Rock.
10 It also produces amounts of the psychedelic chemical dimethyltryptamine.
11 Gaze at the vivid yellows, blues, and psychedelic swirls of a single emperor angelfish and you'll sense the whimsy of evolution.
12 The church features psychedelic rock concerts with music that would rival Jimi Hendrix , " K . I. S . S . "
13 The psychedelic moments are unhinged, the lounge moments are wearing ruffed pink shirts and thick-framed glasses.
14 Fashion designers look back to the 1960s with dazzling psychedelic prints.
15 She was bouncing around in a tent-like dress,( patterned in psychedelic swirls of purple and brown.
16 But the nights there gave me an idea later for a psychedelic light show, so they weren't all waste.
17 The drug- induced paradise of ecstasy and hallucination has enslaved the humankind since time immemorial, and more and more people are falling victim to the psychedelic pills. Dr T.P.Chia 
18 Not a bad score for a fortnight in the summer of groovy and psychedelic love, peace and general niceness.
19 But now, here I was being handily and insolently dismissed as a psychedelic Diplodicus by a gang of callow sub-Generation Xers.
20 Her island was peopled with plumed parrots, preening dodos, psychedelic land crabs.
21 In doing so, he relies heavily on the work of ethno-botanist and psychedelic frontiersman Terence McKenna.
22 Four cuts of trancey exchange from Future Rhythm, with the pay-off being hugely psychedelic.
23 He wore no suit, but trousers, waistcoat and Paisley tie fashion for the psychedelic movement of the 1960s.
24 Drug abuse is a suicidal act. Men dig their own graves by being addicted to the deadly pleasures of psychedelic drugs. The drug addict lives to die for ecstasy and hallucination, and they cannot avoid a horrible fate. Dr T.P.Chia 
25 He imagined the colors fluctuating chaotically in a random, psychedelic paisley.
26 He taught that states of mystical ecstasy could be achieved effortlessly - and without recourse to psychedelic drugs.
27 What do a carnivorous sponge, a lobular yam and a flat-faced psychedelic frogfish all have in common?
28 Through the straight into the heart estrogen chapter, is no longer a psychedelic balderdash, ten interlocking fingers, some resonance, pour the vow, instant, tenderness with, unchanged forever.
29 Their sound combines elements of blues-rock, stoner rock and psychedelic rock.
30 Hypnotic is what can you make person generation bad really psychedelic?
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