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Prop up in a sentence

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Synonym: propshoreshore upSimilar words: crop uptop uppropspropelimproperproperlyproposepropertyMeaning: v. support by placing against something solid or rigid. 
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(1) We had to prop up the roof with a wooden post.
(2) The government refuses to prop up inefficient industries.
(3) If you have difficulty sitting like this, prop up your back against a wall.
(4) They had to prop up the tree with long poles under the branches.
(5) The government introduced measures to prop up the stock market.
(6) The builders are trying to prop up the crumbling walls of the church.
(7) Prop up with a cocktail stick from behind if necessary.
(8) In fact, they could prop up the Conservative Government for a fifth term( up.html), if the need arises!
(9) Attempts by the UK government to prop up the pound on the exchange markets degenerated into chaos.
(10) Second, the state will continue to prop up inefficient state enterprises.
(11) They are trying to prop up the tumbling stockmarket by cutting the supply of new issues.
(12) They prop up prices for growers by controlling production rather than through federal subsidies.
(13) The inquiry learning system and its prop up the conditions are structured.
(14) The plan that prop up had ended the first batch.
(15) That, in turn, should prop up construction spending andboost consumer spending.
(16) A new government attempt to prop up that market, either with easy credit or forestalling foreclosures for months, will only re-create the same inflating conditions.
(17) To support on or as if on crutches; prop up.
(18) Life is a kind of pressure. We should learn to prop up ourselves.
(19) They showed no qualms in spending £3 billion in a futile attempt to prop up the Pound.
(20) The setting up of an Assets Management Corporation to consolidate bad debts transferred from commercial banks would only prop up the rich.
(21) Wrapped up like onions we shuffle out over the frozen ground; prop up the line where our sheets are flagging.
(22) Mr Lamont's squandering of £1 billion in his vain bid to prop up the pound has not helped.
(23) The exploitation and further development of huai-pig vertical integrated project that may be the supporting industry needs the support and prop up from the government.
(24) The headfirst forward roll requires press down with feet, jump, prop up with and roll consistently.
(25) Yet like some beast that has not yet realised it's received a mortal blow, commercial media will seemingly go to any length – even selling their journalistic integrity – to prop up this failed model.
(26) The Rainforest Action Network thinks the American Petroleum Institute and its oil lobby allies are behind a slew of fake Twitter accounts designed to prop up public opinion about the pipeline.
(27) "It was many years ago. " Ben Fortson told Dale Carnegie smilingly, " I cut down a large bunch of woods to prop up the beans in the yard.
(28) At the root of that corruption is Pakistan's system of semi-feudal land ownership, which, ironically, the Chinese Communist Party is more than happy to prop up.
(29) At a time wage growth is almost stagnant -- average hourly earnings in November were up 1.6 percent year on year -- prosperous Americans alone can not prop up the economy.
(30) Privately owned capital and its dilate become what economy grows to prop up.
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