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Proletarian in a sentence

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Sentence count:77Posted:2017-03-27Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: bourgeoisSimilar words: proletariatthe proletariatvegetariansectarianutilitarianegalitariantotalitarianauthoritarianMeaning: [‚prəʊlɪ'terɪən /-'teər-]  n. a member of the working class (not necessarily employed). adj. 1. the lowest class of citizens of ancient Rome who had no property 2. belonging to or characteristic of the proletariat. 
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1, Dr. Norman Bethune impersonates the spirit of proletarian internationalism.
2, Both the bourgeois ideology and the proletarian false consciousness are products of particular social relations present in capitalism.
3, This was a frankly proletarian town, laid out in regular rows of plain brick houses.
4, Many of the originally proletarian elements had been appropriated and reorientated by petit-bourgeois writers and publishers during the previous half-century.
5, They reacted, in particular, to the upsurge in proletarian and, from the turn of the century, peasant unrest.
6, It constituted the institutional embodiment of proletarian unity and class consciousness.
7, Marx distinguished two classes, bourgeois and proletarian, based on the ownership of the means of production.
8, Many were convinced that only a proletarian revolution could remove discrimination.
9, Even for the socialists the road to proletarian triumph ran through a fully developed capitalism.
10, He is the father of proletarian literature.
11, The proletarian patriotism is combined with internationalism.
12, Zhang Wentian was an outstanding proletarian revolutionist and theorist.
13, Our friend ship is built on proletarian, internationalism.
14, They chanted the eulogy of proletarian heroes.
15, The serf an assured existence, the proletarian has not.
16, They remained true to the banner of proletarian internationalism.
17, Proletarian revolutionaries always cleave to Marxist - Leninist principles.
18, Suyu was a great proletarian revolutionist and an outstanding military scientist.
19, The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution bursted in her youth. But her nature seemed to have found the way quite elegantly .
20, Socialism could not yet be built and they would inevitably disappoint proletarian expectations.
21, In their view the older generation could never be persuaded of the value of a proletarian ideology.
22, By contrast,( some Marxists are more inclined to emphasize capitalism's economic success in generating proletarian support.
23, For present purposes we can conclude that Trotsky looked to proletarian democracy as a defence against bureaucratization.
24, This temporary development fostered both revisionist and defeatist views of the proletarian revolution in the imperialist countries.
25, The most pernicious consequence of these internal Soviet developments was the disorientation of the proletarian vanguard in other countries.
26, She was spanked by the outraged Emperor because, nude and proletarian, she was masquerading as a nymph.
27, Recording day by day the symptoms of degeneration, it tried to oppose to the growing Thermidor the conscious will of the proletarian vanguard.
28, The menu, prepared by White House chef Jon Hill , was anything but proletarian.
29, Diligence , thrift , plain living and hard work constitute the good proletarian style.
30, Lenin said that Chartism was "the first broad, really mass, politically formed, proletarian revolutionary movement.
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