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Dub in a sentence

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Sentence count:40Posted:2016-12-14Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: callchristenlabelnametagtitleSimilar words: dubiousdubiouslyMeaning: [dʌb]  v. 1. give a nickname to 2. provide (movies) with a soundtrack of a foreign language 3. raise (someone) to knighthood. 
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1. She has been compelled to dub up out of her own pocket.
2. Vic hadn't decided whether to dub or not.
3. Audio dub replaces the original sound with new material.
4. I dub thee Sir Lancelot.
5. The August Revolution, as the Communists would henceforth dub it, assumed different shapes in different places.
6. Suppose now that you wish to dub music to a video recording with only a simple linear mono sound track.
7. She was constantly darting off dub ing a conversation or slipping off in a daydream when an adult was speaking to her.
8. Dub reggae had themes dealing with the overthrow of Babylon and which were openly hostile to the white world.
9. The music of the Rastas was dub reggae, with a heavy slow beat less suitable for dancing.
10. Bristly dub on flip, complete with monkey yapping, is a lot better.
11. To make an audio dub, the sound is transferred from the source recording by means of a cable connection.
12. May I dub for the puppet in my voice?
13. Brother Yang is helping us dub right now.
14. Object: Dysfunctional uterine bleeding DUB is a common disease in Gynecology and obstetrics department.
15. Videos are also relatively inexpensive to dub into multiple languages.
16. Joined filmdom since 1993, artist, dub artist, singer,( Singing tutor.
17. The steward of the dub lost hid temper and pitched the man out.
18. Cook invests this uncompromising dub soundscape with her pop-attuned approachability.
19. I intend to use simultaneous recording to dub this film.
20. That's why on the new album we did the ambient song and the dub reggae number.
21. Here, however, I've got no complaint, thanks to the mad Steely and Clevie dub on the B-side.
22. A great uproar was raised, but he was unsuspected ; while Dub, an awkward blunderer who was always getting caught, was punished for Buck's misdeed.
23. Some of their cheeks are stained with indigo dye from their turbans, an age-old mark of the Tuareg that led early visitors to dub them the "blue men."
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24. I yell in the piece also am the later period dub.
25. It's not all so that simple though; throughout Workout Holiday you're taken into dub areas, The Sonics and Randy Newman.
26. Since his 2005 election, Benedict has stressed the need to safeguard the environment in several homilies and in his encyclical writings, leading some to dub him the "Green Pope."
27. Translation service range: written translation, interpret, seal, training, typewrite and dub .
28. Written translation: construction project, Technical manual, economy and trade, laws and regulations, notarial information, dub document, publish and localization service.
29. The next time he brings his noisy friends to the dub we'll have them put out.
30. Instruments: Ma Tou Qin , Stell Guitar Cora , Harp , Dub . Bass, Dums & Ethnic Percussions.
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