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Troposphere in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2017-03-21Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: biospheregeosphereexospherethermospheremesosphereatmospherehydrospherelithosphereMeaning: ['trɑpə‚sfɪr /'trɒpə‚sfɪə]  n. the lowest atmospheric layer; from 4 to 11 miles high (depending on latitude). 
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1. Transport and Chemical Transformation of pollutants in the Troposphere.
2. Does the troposphere and stratosphere absorb solar radiation?
3. Rain is created in the troposphere.
4. The stratosphere is the layer above the troposphere and extends to about 50 km.
5. Space transitions into the orange-colored troposphere, the lowest portion of Earth's atmosphere.
6. The dry PV field in the lower troposphere shows that the coupling of the dense PV isoline zone and the wind shear was formed in the storm area.
7. Besides, the planetary monsoon in the troposphere is also realistically reproduced.
8. Hopflied troposphere model and accurate troposphere model in radio wave refraction error modify in troposphereare gived.
9. The line between the troposphere and the rest of the blue-colored atmosphere is called the tropopause.
10. HF ultimately diffuses down to the troposphere where it is removed by wet deposition.
11. Why do we say troposphere and human are in most close relations?
12. Impact of monsoon circulations on the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere.
13. If this were the end of the story then there would be large equator to pole temperature differences in the observed troposphere.
14. The divergent flow field in the tropical easterly of the upper troposphere stimulates the northeastward stretch of the SEW.
15. Atmospheric duct is one of the hot-topics and difficult problems in the propagation of electromagnetic waves in troposphere.
16. The Windows-based software, AREPS3.0, is applied to compute path loss versus range in the troposphere, using atmospheric information from shipboard weather prediction station.
17. Meridional heat transfer by large - scale eddies is most significant in the upper troposphere of middle latitude.
18. Because of the above reasons stratospheric more easily than the troposphere by chemical pollution.
19. Next comes the tropopause(, which is the upper boundary of the troposphere.
20. The downward transport of ozone due to tropopause folding can reach middle part of troposphere, which has the most influence on the ozone in the upper troposphere.
21. Photooxidation of CH4 probably was an important source of organic peroxides in the troposphere.
22. The results indicate that the method of millimeter wave radiometer correction in the troposphere is feasible.
23. The balance must be made up by heat transported through the troposphere.
24. The physical characteristic and mathematical expression of superrefraction layer in lower troposphere are illustrated.
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25. Oman: We studied the scenario of using 100 Hiroshima-size bombs, the fires from which would inject upward of 5 teragrams (megatons) of black carbon particles into Earth's upper troposphere.
26. Radiative forcing is defined as a change in average net radiation at the top of the troposphere ( tropopause ) due to a change in either solar or infrared radiation.
27. The major features of MCC structure are associated with the warm core in middle to upper troposphere and the cold air dome near the surface.
28. As a radiative and chemically active gas, methane can increase the temperature in troposphere with a larger effect of 20-60 times over that of carbon dioxide.
29. The tropopause folding, which means that high PV spreads downward from the upper troposphere or stratosphere, helps the releasing of potential instability energy and the development of rainstorm.
30. Chlorofluorocarbons and hydrochloroflorocarbons are oxidated in the stratosphere and troposphere respectively.
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