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Plumage in a sentence

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Synonym: featherplumeSimilar words: plumpplumeplummetnom de plumeimagedamagehomagedamagedMeaning: ['pluːmɪdʒ]  n. the light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds. 
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1, Male peacocks have beautiful plumage.
2, The bright plumage of many male birds has evolved to attract females.
3, He likes the bird with exotic plumage.
4, Its body plumage suddenly began to ruffle and swell.
5, The bright plumage of a parrot made it beloved by people.
6, Nightingales have beautiful plumage.
7, Another phoenix is arising, with mutated plumage.
8, It can be instantly recognized by its bright plumage.
9, Their white plumage often has a tinge of pink.
10, Jack, in summer plumage,( glowed with colour.
11, Finer details of plumage only visible at close range.
12, Waders in winter plumage are not easy.
13, In breeding plumage white of body suffused pink.
14, Striking black and white breeding plumage.
15, Male indigo birds sport beautiful metallic blue plumage, while male whydahs sometimes possess spectacularly long tails.
16, It is dark green in plumage on the back with slate colour almost approaching to black below.
17, The plumage of most male and female pheasants is strikingly different.
18, Down: The soft plumage of water fowl, minimum weight ratio 85% down, 15% feathers.
19, A pair of black guillemots, already in winter plumage, fled in panic.
20, By means of his smart plumage and his simple song, the male tries to attract a female to his nest site.
21, Snow bunting males are unmistakable in their all-white plumage with black backs.
22, Plumage greyish-brown, becoming more rufous towards S of range; male with distinctive black-bordered white throat.
23, This is the only species of flamingo in the region, easily recognized by its pink plumage.
24, Upperparts spangled with grey or yellowish or black; no white on nape; underparts in breeding plumage largely black.
25, Sometimes a particularly bold individual will risk a real attack, swooping in from behind the owl and striking at its plumage.
26, But barn owls, famed in folklore for their eerie screech and ghostly white plumage, are declining in Britain.
27, The implication is that males need maintain high levels of vigilance only when in nuptial plumage.
28, This year, the phoenix has risen from its ashes, a phoenix in brighter plumage than he has ever worn before.
29, We were looking for a bird in brown and white breeding plumage.
30, The little tern's numbers have been threatened since Victorian times when it was hunted for its snow-white plumage.
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