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Pack ice in a sentence

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Similar words: kickbackpackpack uppackagekickfuckingcheck instick it outMeaning: n. a large expanse of floating ice. 
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1. The annual seal hunt takes place on the pack ice off Greenland.
2. Pack ice around Iceland was becoming a threat to navigation.
3. The pack ice and fast ice that spread over polar seas form vast sheets many hundreds of square kilometres in area.
4. The September-October northern limit of pack ice varies considerably from year to year.
5. To survive, they hunt for seals on pack ice.
6. When the Belgica became stuck in pack ice, her crew achieved the unintended distinction of being the first humans to overwinter in the Antarctic.
7. Polar bears live mainly on the Arctic pack ice, moving south in winter as the ice extends and north in summer when it melts back.
8. "40 years ago the pack ice was visible from the shore all year, but the latest 10-12 years it has changed dramatically and the last years there has been no ice visible at all in the summer, " he adds.
9. New observations of "pack ice" killer whales roaming the waters off the Antarctic Peninsula show they dine almost exclusively on Weddell seals, which make up just 15 per cent of the seal population.
10. Icebergs are created when chunks of pack ice break free and float off into open sea.
11. They penetrate south to varying degrees, blue and minke whales often appearing well south of the pack ice edge.
12. Flotillas of tabular icebergs and ice islands sail among the pack ice.
13. Most adult male bears spend their lives out on the pack ice, living mainly on seals.
14. "The reason for not returning the penguin directly to Antarctica is that Emperor penguins of this age are usually found north of Antarctica on pack ice and in the open ocean[], " he said.
15. They spent weeks tracking and recording the hunting behaviour in the pack ice off the coast of the Antarctica Peninsula.
16. We've never had a document case of oil rig chasing deer out onto the pack ice.
17. The waters surrounding the North Pole between North America and Eurasia. The smallest ocean in the world, it is covered by pack ice throughout the year.
18. Perovich was chief scientist on Ice Station SHEBA, a yearlong drift of an icebreaker frozen into the Arctic pack ice.
19. Russia is said to be one of the few countries that might see a net benefit from climate change, in longer growing seasons and by opening lucrative northwest shipping passages as pack ice retreats.
20. Welders crawled over the mottled grey hull repairing dents and bruises from innumerable clashes with pack ice.
21. Navigation dangerous on area around the North Pole due to pack ice.
22. Swift and stealthy, adult leopard seals tend to be solitary creatures,[] hunting alone at the fringes of pack ice.
23. More tantalising bear prints were spotted, crimping the edge of pack ice, making their big-footed way across a small floe.
24. Polar bears living in a large southern edge of the Arctic pack ice zone.
25. The Yamal is one of Russia's biggest, most powerful icebreakers, and one of the few ships in the world capable of cutting through the thick Arctic pack ice.
26. A sow polar bear rests with her cubs on the pack ice in the Beaufort Sea in Alaska.
27. But as the annual winter sea ice boundary retreats farther south, pack ice penguins may ultimately find themselves trapped behind a curtain of polar night for which they have no hardwired strategy.
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