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Pangolin in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-03-01Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: hangouthang onhang outhangoverviolindanglinggasolinetrampolineMeaning: n. toothless mammal of southern Africa and Asia having a body covered with horny scales and a long snout for feeding on ants and termites. 
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(1) Hence the pangolin suggests a link between animal and human kind.
(2) A day, pangolin found a barrow again.
(3) As dusk descends on the mountains, a pangolin emerges from its burrow.
(4) Passing the pangolin around like a football, inquisitive lions spent hours trying to devour the armour-plated creature.
(5) African Tree PangolinThe tree pangolin is endemic to Africa and one of eight existing species of pangolin ("scaly anteater").
(6) African Tree PangolinThe tree pangolin (Manis tricuspis) is endemic to Africa and one of eight existing species of pangolin ("scaly anteater").
(7) Pangolin Day, Yo - yo Day, and Ice Cream Day are all hers, too.
(8) The scales of the pangolin were composed of the very thin prismy construction units and the folded units.
(9) Pangolin (Manis pentadactyla L. ) used to be as Chinese medicine in China, which has turned to be one of endangered animals due to over capturing.
(10) II animals: monkey, pangolin, giant squirrel, otters, large Viverra, sambar, birds of prey, silver pheasant, peacock pythonsteindachneri, python s, etc. 12.
(11) African tree pangolin has white skin and hair, lacking external ear and scaly tail.
(12) Objective To research whether pangolin adulterated with magnesium sulfate can goods after lavation.
(13) The pangolin hurried tells an old man, only then the kind of seven colors of the spectrum bottle gourd, can eliminate these two spirits.
(14) As a national protected animals are tigers, pangolin, serow, a small civet.
(15) That would reduce the threat not just to tigers, but also to rhinos, bears, pangolins and many others.
(16) As part of the campaign officials are also investigating restaurants which serve endangered or protected species such as cobras, pangolins and civets.
(17) In the Old World they have a counterpart in the form of the strange, scaly anteaters, the pangolins.
(18) Mammals with non-spiny armour include the twenty-one species of armadillos and the seven species of pangolins, or scaly anteaters.
(19) Any of several other animals, including the echidna , aardvark, and pangolin, that feed on ants.
(20) One of the more bizarre creatures on the list is the Chinese pangolin, also known as a scaly anteater.
(21) ObjectiveTo recognize the method of adulterating and preparation process of Pangolin adulterated with sulphate magnesium.
(22) Pangolins are covered in overlapping keratin scales which act as body armour, indeed an unusual gift of a coat of armour made from Pangolin scales was once presented to King George III.
(23) OBJECTIVE To report the breakage of protein and ammo acid in adulterate pangolin.
(24) In the last few years, 55, 000 reptile skins from India, 19, 000 big-eye thresher shark fins in Ecuador and 23 metric tonnes of pangolin in Asia have all been seized.
(25) In this paper, the claw shapes of the typical soil animals such as pangolin, mole cricket, ant, dung beetle etc. are observed and analysed by stereomicroscope and scanning electro-microscope.
(26) For those who like such things, the colder winter months are the traditional season for eating pangolin, civet cat, snake soup, etc.
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