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Oxygenic in a sentence

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Sentence count:19Posted:2024-02-28Updated:2024-02-28
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1. Conclusion:MT can clear oxygenic radical, reduce the reaction of lipid peroxidation and improve ATPase activity, so MT can decrease damage in the IR injury of hippocampal structure.
2. New oxygenic bleaching aids not contains NaOH, its process does not need infiltrator, stabilization, chelating and purifier etc.
3. Conclusion The oxygenic force atomization atmotherapy is better than supersonic atomization atmotherapy in treating child bronchiolitis.
4. The treatment of traditional oxygenic active sludge is main technology to treat sewage in marine field in very long period.
5. The oxygenic aeration capability of the equipment show that its dynamical efficiency is about twice of traditional technology.
6. The result shows that the oxygenic groups decrease with the increase of coal ranks.
7. The surface oxygenic functional groups of proper amount could make the denitrifying bacterium more substantively and firmly adsorbed on CF carrier.
8. They can not be used for evacuating the oxygenic, poisonous and explosive gases and gases which can react with pump oil easily. Neither can they be used as compressor and transmission pump.
9. Notch and groove were produced on fiber's surface by plasma's pHysical bump and corrasion, meanwhile oxygenic or nitrogenic radicals were also grafted on the surface.
10. RED IS THE NEW GREEN Researchers working with cyanobacteria may have extracted a new variety of chlorophyll that can use more near-infrared light than is typical for oxygenic photosynthetic organisms.
10. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find nice sentences for a large number of words.
11. It is considered that the phosphorite in this area formed in a comparatively wide environment from the sites above or below the basement surface of wave to the sites around the oxygenic surface.
12. White bamboo-charcoal can release minus ions, it can create oxygenic ions by rubbing with body and fabric in air. It will make user feel comfortable and lifeful as like as staying in forest.
13. GC/MS was performed to qualitative analysis of hydrocarbons and oxygenic components in FCC gasoline.
14. The efficiency of enriched oxygen aeration is much higher than that in conventional oxygenic aeration, and there is an optimal aeration rate.
15. According to one assessment, "the spring flows from the granitic layer, containing various minerals and rich in oxygenic ion thus presenting alkalescence."
16. By immobilization of denitrifying bacterium on different kinds of carbon fibers, effect of surface oxygenic functional groups of modified carbon fiber on denitrifying bacterium was investigated.
17. Oxidation of magnetite grains is divided into tow stages, according to temperature, and iron ion diffuses at lower temperature and diffusion amount of oxygenic ion increases at higher temperature.
18. While after being treated with electronic method, the content of oxygenic groups of all ranks of coal decreases in a certain extent.
19. "I think this is a very important new development and is the first new type of chlorophyll discovered in an oxygenic organism in sixty years, " he wrote via e-mail.
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