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Eugenics in a sentence

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Sentence count:31Posted:2017-03-04Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: eugeniceugeniaphotogeniccarcinogeniccryonicsgeneticsgenieelectronicsMeaning: n. the study of methods of improving genetic qualities by selective breeding (especially as applied to human mating). 
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1 Eugenics was the central, and most controversial, part of his social philosophy.
2 Among its aims is a new eugenics: selective breeding.
3 In the United States eugenics became almost completely discredited.
4 The medical profession was deeply divided over eugenics.
5 By the late Thirties,( eugenics was waning.
6 After the Second World War, eugenics was superseded by genetics and micro-biology.
7 Ironically, some eugenics leaders were uneasy about their alliance because they felt it could compromise their then-respectable public image.
8 The rise of the eugenics movement in the early twentieth century crystallized the intellectual and political imperatives of evolutionary biology.
9 Eugenics has a biological significance.
10 Some are raising the specter of eugenics.
11 The relation between sperm density and eugenics?
12 Did we not advocate eugenics some years back?
13 Politician take no interest in eugenics because the unborn have not vote.
14 The environmental factors that have influences on eugenics including physics, chemistry(, medicine and biography.
15 He advocated eugenics and pointed out that the main physical education course the children is playing.
16 The new eugenics is a mass and pragmatism and its model is medical - genetics.
17 Craniology, phrenology and eugenics, once-respectable fields of endeavour that are now regarded with a shudder, may shriek from time to time, but few sane people pay attention to them.
18 The spectre of eugenics, which reached its culmination in Nazi Germany, haunts both politicians and public.
19 Politicians take no interest in eugenics because the unborn have no vote.
20 An example of negative eugenics would be the attempt to eradicate a harmful recessive gene.
21 She wanted a child, so we signed up for the eugenics lottery.
22 Neither Hogben nor Haldane had any objection to a biologically based eugenics programme enforced by the state in a classless society.
23 It was hardly surprising that preventive medicine, and state medicine in particular, refused to give unconditional support to eugenics.
24 Whenever biology meets behaviour the spectre of social Darwinism and eugenics looms menacingly in the background.
25 Social and ethical concomitants of cognitive and behavioral genetics: eugenics, social Darwisinism, race, sex.
26 In the early twentieth century, Malthusian ideas on population control were linked to theories of eugenics and social Darwinism.
27 A distinction is often made between " positive " and " negative " eugenics.
28 From physical education, this article discusses the effects of bob physical education way and methods to eugenics from which a new concept, Physical Education Eugenic, was brought out.
29 Scholars point toward this racial polarization as evidence of the existence of Eugenics.
30 The research shows that there are close relations between trace elements and eugenics.
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