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Opposite in a sentence

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Antonym: sameSimilar words: oppositionopposingsuppositionopposeopposedopposablesupposingdepositMeaning: ['ɑpəzɪt /'ɒp-]  n. 1. a word that expresses a meaning opposed to the meaning of another word, in which case the two words are antonyms of each other 2. a relation of direct opposition 3. a contestant that you are matched against 4. something inverted in sequence or character or effect. adj. 1. being directly across from each other; facing 2. of leaves etc; growing in pairs on either side of a stem 3. moving or facing away from each other 4. the other one of a complementary pair 5. altogether different in nature or quality or significance 6. characterized by opposite extremes; completely opposed. adv. directly facing each other. 
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1. He pointed to something on the opposite bank.
2. Their views are at opposite extremes from each other.
3. They have opposite views on the issue.
4. The post office is opposite the station.
5. His words had exactly the opposite effect.
6. The people sitting opposite us looked very familiar.
7. We're in the very modern-looking building opposite the station.
8. South is opposite north on a compass.
9. Answers are given on the opposite page.
10. Matter is the opposite of mind.
11. They hit a truck coming in the opposite direction.
12. Their house is almost opposite ours.
13. Southwest is opposite to northeast.
14. It's on the opposite side of City Hall.
15. He shows a precocious interest in the opposite sex.
16. The hospital is opposite to the post office.
17. True and False have opposite meanings.sentencedict .com
18. Can you jump over to the opposite bank?
19. We don't have any choice, only run in opposite directions.
20. She's so cussed she always does the opposite of what you ask.
21. There's a photo of him on the opposite page/on the page opposite.
22. Drivers coming in the opposite direction swerved to avoid the bodies.
23. Her second husband was the exact opposite of her first .
24. In England you must drive on the opposite side of the road to the rest of Europe.
25. He cried to his friend on the opposite side of the street.
26. Two of the president's chief advisors have staked out opposite positions on this issue.
27. At that age they can start becoming shy with the opposite sex.
28. In a position of authority, a weakness for the opposite sex leaves you open to blackmail.
29. "No, go that way, " I said, pointing in the opposite direction.
30. Body language can also be used to attract members of the opposite sex.
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