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Plebeian in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-03-29Updated:2017-03-29
Synonym: commonplebunwashedvulgarSimilar words: for the time beingplebisciteonomatopoeiaalbeitobeisancehandlebarbe in love withcelebrateMeaning: [plɪ'bɪːən]  n. one of the common people. adj. 1. of the common people of ancient Rome 2. of or associated with the great masses of people. 
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(1) He retained a plebeian taste in food and drink.
(2) Nor were plebeian members mere foot-soldiers at the disposal of intelligenty party officials.
(3) Later, plebeian families imitated this ancient model and began to worship their ancestors as if they were gods.
(4) This book has plebeian tastes.
(5) He was born of plebeian origins.
(6) Flying wing to wing through the plebeian.
(7) Because iron has a plebeian temperament.
(8) In the 1790s Tom Paine taught plebeian radicals that mankind would live in harmony were it not for the vested interest which princes, diplomats and soldiers had in promoting wars to enrich themselves.
(9) In the western world the plebeian or popular element in each state successfully assailed the oligarchical monopoly; and a code was nearly universally obtained early in the history of the Commonwealth.
(10) From the plebeian pigeon to the rarest bird of all. The Spix's macaw, or the little blue macaw, may be the most endangered bird in the world.
(11) He has also noted the importance of publicans as profit-minded promoters of plebeian events.
(12) From at least the closing years of the eighteenth century the decline of gentry involvement and even tolerance of plebeian sports was evident.
(13) The food selection - hot dogs and beer - was rather plebeian.
(14) But the Master, it must be said(, is a man of plebeian tastes.
(15) There was nothing vulgar about these hands, not like his wife's plebeian paws with their chilblains and chipped red enamel.
(16) Roman decemvir ( 45 - 449 ) whose actions provoked a plebeian revolt and the overthrow of the decemvirs.
(17) Finally, the descriptions of the official doting and the plebeian canniness reflect the different judicial wisdom of the authorities and plebs.
(18) Severus gave the man a beating with cudgels, while his herald proclaimed: 'Let no plebeian embrace a legate of the Roman people with impunity.
(19) To my mother, any meal where you served less than three wines was disgracefully plebeian.
(20) He spent all day playing rackets on the beach, a plebeian sport if there ever was one.
(21) During this legateship, when he was walking along preceded by the fasces , one of his fellow-townsmen, a man of Lepcis and a plebeian, embraced him as an old comrade.
(22) And were readily allowed to individuals dignified by rank or wealth, even while sumptuary laws forbade these and similar extravagances to the plebeian order.
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