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Dysfunctional in a sentence

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Sentence count:70Posted:2017-03-29Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: dysfunctionfunctionalfunctionaryfunctionand functionmalfunctionunctionjunctionMeaning: adj. 1. impaired in function; especially of a bodily system or organ 2. (of a trait or condition) failing to serve an adjustive purpose. 
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1) Because I grew up in a dysfunctional family, anger is a big issue for me.
2) A.. Have you ever been around a dysfunctional family?
3) He notes the following dysfunctional possibilities.
4) It was, perhaps, his dysfunctional sleep pattern that caused such an odd storm of feeling.
5) The modification of dysfunctional attitudes is a key concern in Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy.
6) His family was dynamically dysfunctional in addition to suffering various medical conditions.
7) But in a self-defeating organization, dysfunctional attitudes become tenets of belief for entire groups of individuals.
8) They came from Williams' dysfunctional family, his tortured psyche and his repressed homosexuality.
9) Individuals in dysfunctional environments often be-come dysfunctional in other aspects of their lives, with their organizations ultimately footing the bill.
10) Lousy schools and dysfunctional teachers were let off the hook.
11) The dysfunctional protein builds up in the brain and death results.
12) They know how easily group process can become dysfunctional.
13) Disorganized and Dysfunctional family,( unsafe environment.
14) He was born in a dysfunctional family.
15) Congress is next year expected to revamp America's dysfunctional system of financial regulation.
16) The scan shown here indicates dysfunctional metabolism and blood flow in the brain's emotional center.
17) Object: Dysfunctional uterine bleeding DUB is a common disease in Gynecology and obstetrics department.
18) A dysfunctional family unit is one of the root causes of criminal behaviour.
19) The nub of it is the difficult, often dysfunctional, relationship between baker, pastry chef and chef.
20) The second phase is more cognitive, aimed at the identification and modification of the dysfunctional silent assumptions.
21) Fleeing the Organization Less overtly heroic than those who fight the dysfunctional organization are the people who choose to flee from it.
22) In varying degrees, they incorporate into their own attitudes and actions the dysfunctional beliefs their organizations seem to be advocating.
23) There also seems to be agreement that our new Congress will be more evenly split, and thus dysfunctional.
24) Beyond historically determined levels of societal tolerance, crime is dysfunctional to social life.
25) The truth is that in a very real sense most families are neither poor nor economically dysfunctional.
26) They say poor judgments by overburdened and undertrained caseworkers have reunited some irrevocably dysfunctional families.
27) So I have come reluctantly to the conclusion that my Palm is a high-functioning offspring in a dysfunctional family.
28) This prevents individual funds adopting financing policies which may be inconsistent or dysfunctional for the authority as a whole.
29) Institutions may be part an equilibrium, and yet be dysfunctional.
30) Objective: To explore the effect and the hemostasia mechanism of Angong Zhixue Fang in treating anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding with blood stasis and caloric form.
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