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Pod in a sentence

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Synonym: codfuel podseedcaseseedpodSimilar words: podiumtripodhexapodcephalopodhippodromehodgepodgeMeaning: [pɑd /pɒd]  n. 1. the vessel that contains the seeds of a plant (not the seeds themselves) 2. a several-seeded dehiscent fruit as e.g. of a leguminous plant 3. a group of aquatic mammals 4. a detachable container of fuel on an airplane. v. 1. take something out of its shell or pod 2. produce pods, of plants. 
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1. The twins are like two peas in a pod.
2. The ripe seed pod splits open and scatters the seeds.
3. Four were like beans in a pod.
4. Star anise is a dried pod containing anise seeds.
5. As like as two peas in a pod.
6. Slice the vanilla pod along one side.
7. Fiers sits in the cockpit pod between the two engines.
8. Try placing a vanilla pod or coffee bean under the grill just before the viewers arrive.
9. Whales live with the same pod, or family, their entire lives.
10. Once it had been ejected into space, a pod assessed its surroundings.
11. Within five minutes, the pod and its satellite had vanished among the stars.
12. The pod temperature rose a few degrees more, and then levelled out.
13. The escape pod was rotating so rapidly that its four occupants were pinned against their couches.
14. Armament underwing comprises a UV-16-57 rocket pod on the outer pylon and an inert AA-8 Aphid air-to-air missile on the inner pylon.
15. The pod appeared to be descending directly towards a winding ribbon of water.
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16. He rolled the pod around its gyros, and used full thrust to break his orbital speed.
17. The pod began to shudder and Rostov quickly checked the visual display.
18. They were like two peas in a pod, both with the same high cheekbones and widow's peak.
19. The pod and chutes had disappeared as if they had never existed.
20. I had never met his brother before but I recognized him immediately because they're as like as two peas in a pod.
21. We're using a Matrox Marvel card and this has an external connection pod.
22. Not to mention the peculiarity of their lack of spacesuits when crossing from a passenger pod to a ship's airlock.
23. The computer will point you in the right direction of a fuel pod which can be scooped up at close range.
24. They disappeared from sight behind the root of the crag on which the pod was perched.
25. It was obvious, however, that he could not do the job while he remained in the space pod.
26. Could it have been an accident caused by some failure of the pod controls?
27. Try to rig up a line through there and down the side of the pod.
28. Each cell is held in its own compartment by a spring at the base of the pod.
29. But nowhere is that marriage between the living and the manufactured so clear as in the pod of the Bio2.
30. In the centre of the room a large, asymmetric pod was suspended over an engineering pit.
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