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Metamorphic rock in a sentence

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Similar words: metamorphicmetamorphismcontact metamorphismmetamorphosemetamorphosisgeomorphicbiomorphicisomorphicMeaning: n. rock altered by pressure and heat. 
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1. Mostly granite and metamorphic rock, it has been heated, stirred and compressed for millions and sometimes billions of years.
2. The identification of a metamorphic rock depends largely on recognition of foliation and other textures.
3. Sandstone, a sedimentary rock and quartzite, a metamorphic rock, both contain a high proportion of quartz.
4. Auger spectroscopy of igneous and metamorphic rocks has shown fine films of carbon covering grain boundaries.
5. Shaanxi is one of the provinces where soft metamorphic rock has distributed widely.
6. Marble is a metamorphic rock that takes a high polish.
7. A green, gray, or red metamorphic rock, similar to slate but often having a wavy surface and a distinctive micaceous luster.
8. Schist, a metamorphic rock, contains mineral crystals that can be seen by the naked eye.
9. Its wall rocks consist of the regional metamorphic rock, series of Mayuan formation and middle—lower Carboniferous series as well as lower Jurassic Lishan formation.
10. The metallogenic substance mainly comes from the Archeozoic metamorphic rock series in basement.
11. Clastic rock and low - grade metamorphic rock , and the non - disease area is mainly in the coal stratum.
12. Volcanic rock, clastic and metamorphic rock reservoirs integrated to form the complex petroleum accumulation region in Erleim basin.
13. A metamorphic rock intermediate between shale and slate , that does not possess true slaty cleavage.
14. Marble, a metamorphic rock, forms when limestone re - crystallizes.
15. Gneiss, a metamorphic rock, can be commonly found in Precambrian areas.
16. The basement is the metamorphic rock at Siniansystem or Pre- Sinian system and has deposited the stratum from Triassic Period to QuaternaryPeriod.
17. Shagou deposit mainly lies in the metamorphic rock of Taihua Group, Archaeozoic erathem.
18. The same structural features, sometimes less easily recognized, are found in igneous and metamorphic rocks.
19. Thus it is very well developed on fine-grained basic igneous and metamorphic rocks.
20. The area also contains important sedimentary sequences, and the metamorphic rocks of the Dalradian Super-Group at the Highland Boundary.
21. Clay minerals distribute extensively in various slopes made of sedimentary rock, weathering profiles of igneous rock, metamorphic rock and sedimentary rock and colluvial deposits.
22. The main mechanism of melt lineation is extensional deformation which led to partial melting of high-grade metamorphic rock.
23. The mother rock derived form Archaean and Early Proterozoic metamorphic rock from the north-east part of Ordos Basin.
24. The lower Proterozoic Badu Group is one of the oldest metamorphic rock series in the continental margin of Southeast China, and is an integral part of the early Precambrian Zhejiang-Fujian craton.
25. Crack is not only growing in rock, but also in metamorphic rock and rock.
26. There are seven ductile shear zones developed in Precambrian metamorphic rock in southwest Zhejiang. They mainly extend from NE or NNE to SW or SSW and are developed in Badu group and Longquan group.
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