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Marxism in a sentence

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Similar words: existentialismaxisexistpreexisttaxi standexistingnonexistentexistenceMeaning: ['mɑːksɪzm]  n. the economic and political theories of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels that hold that human actions and institutions are economically determined and that class struggle is needed to create historical change and that capitalism will ultimately be superseded by communism. 
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(1) The proletariat must possess the truth of Marxism.
(2) Marxism possesses the theoretical character of keeping pace with the times.
(3) Marxism has never been weaker as a political creed .
(4) Marxism can be a way to get rich or get laid.
(5) Marxism has been frequently derided for its explanations of political behaviour in Western democracies.
(6) He held onto the naive belief that Marxism would solve all the world's problems.
(7) Marxism was not primarily a scientific method designed to uncover the mechanisms of the capitalist economy.
(8) Modern socialism is dominated by Marxism.
(9) Like Pareto, Burnham argued that Marxism was the self-serving ideology of an insurgent working class elite.
(10) Once Marxism was a value system then capitalism and free enterprise tried to coalesce as a value system - largely unsuccessfully.
(11) Eagleton could not put it more simply: Marxism is a scientific theory of human societies and the practice of transforming them.
(12) Of the elements composing the rainbow coalition[sentencedict .com], Marxism is the most prominent and intellectually respectable.
(13) And marxism? Marxism still remains the best map to post-modern times.
(14) In literary theory they emerge as Marxism, phenomenology, existentialism, structuralism, poststructuralism, deconstruction.
(15) Finally, we sketch the evolution of Marxism after Marx.
(16) Marxism, my friend, has studied economics and the social classes.
(17) Second, Marxism is a challenge to the liberal view of economics.
(18) The revival of non-Stalinist Marxism had breathed new life into the Trotskyist groups.
(19) Russia was the first country to forge a new economic system under the banner of Marxism.
(20) Let's take'Das Kapital'as a point of departure for our survey of Marxism.
(21) That is one reason why we have remained opposed to dogmatism toward the theory of Marxism.
(22) The increasingly urgent political situation at home and abroad gave Marxism an appropriate context.
(23) But analysis has so far been largely entrapped by the particular form of Marxism with which cultural theory has adopted.
(24) Yet Marx and Engels' determination to formulate general theories eventually made Marxism one of the most successful transnational ideologies.
(25) If proofs there are in this book they are only that Marxism is now quite properly the preserve of cranks and dreamers.
(26) One approach which is curiously similar to business studies in its view of the populace is that of some contemporary Marxism.
(27) While some clung to the fading dream of direct transition to socialism based on the peasantry, others became intoxicated by Marxism.
(28) It is important to note that the above interpretation of the ideological basis of Marxism and functionalism is debatable.
(29) Far into the next century, Du Bois lost support of many black church people when he espoused the creed of Marxism.
(30) The image of mankind transforming nature-with its joint antecedents in Marxism and capitalism-is still dominant.
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