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Overwhelm in a sentence

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Synonym: amazeastonishastoundbewilderconquercrushdefeatdumbfoundflabbergastovercomestartlesurmountsurprisevanquishSimilar words: overwhelmingover and overhelmetovercoverget overoverseebe overMeaning: ['əʊvər'hwelm /'əʊvə'wel-]  v. 1. overcome, as with emotions or perceptual stimuli 2. charge someone with too many tasks 3. cover completely or make imperceptible 4. overcome by superior force. 
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1. Deal with stress fast whenever it threatens to overwhelm you.
2. Don't just win the match; overwhelm your opponents by about 20 goals to nil.
3. After my lecture,(Sentencedict) the students began to overwhelm me with questions.
4. Her story, however, will overwhelm adults and mesmerize kids.
5. Its harsh tannins seem to overwhelm the fruit.
6. Most preparations overwhelm the flavor of good oysters.
7. The sheer mass of Snotlings can overwhelm or tie down an enemy unit even if the tiny creatures don't cause many casualties!
8. Napoleon's army was strong enough to overwhelm nearly any potential enemy.
9. This can surprise us and overwhelm us so much that by far the most appropriate response is to laugh.
10. Such statistics can serve merely to overwhelm one with a sense of futility.
11. Something seemed to pour through his face and overwhelm her, something molten, timeless, glorious.
12. But he was able to overwhelm an audience of devotees by genuine warmth and frankness.
13. In argument he never tried to overbear or overwhelm the opponent by intellectual bludgeoning.
14. Other times, like tonight, the world threatened to overwhelm him.
15. It is now threatening to overwhelm the beds of a native seagrass which are important breeding grounds for fish.
16. It was clear that one massive Allied offensive would overwhelm the weakened enemy.
17. The software, designed for children, has good graphics and animation that doesn't overwhelm the content.
18. It shows enough to reveal the nature and genuineness of the reality, but not so much as to overwhelm.
19. No amount of inside organization or outside aid can overwhelm a high population growth rate.
20. And in the storm of emotion that threatened to overwhelm her there was only room for one thought.
21. She bit her lip, fighting the fear that threatened to overwhelm her.
22. Man beats back the jungle, the vines and fluid spong trees inexorably overwhelm the masonry.
23. But eventually he was forced to concede that religious and regional fanaticism threatened to overwhelm his reforms.
24. The object world falls back and away, and invasions from the unconscious overtake and overwhelm one.
25. So, it's vital to zap stress fast whenever it threatens to overwhelm you.
26. The husband belongs to Scarlet, a woman whose life of quiet desperation threatens to overwhelm her.
27. The sufferings he saw everywhere piled up more and more tasks and threatened to overwhelm him.
28. We both kept waiting for the moment when the experience would overwhelm us and send chills up our spines.
29. This example assumes that a sympathy for motorists with overwhelm any tendency to logical analysis.
30. In the warm, crowded conditions of the home aquarium, the parasites overwhelm the fish.
More similar words: overwhelmingover and overhelmetovercoverget overoverseebe overall overoverallgo overneverthelessgovernorcover upuncoverhand overover thererun overrecoverlay overcoveragemoreoverrecoveryturn overlook overtalk overtake overmake overoverlookblow over
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