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Markup in a sentence

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Sentence count:135Posted:2016-12-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: mark upwork upmarkmarketmarkermark offmark outremarkMeaning: ['mɑrkʌp /'mɑːk-]  n. 1. the amount added to the cost to determine the asking price 2. detailed stylistic instructions for typesetting something that is to be printed; manual markup is usually written on the copy (e.g. underlining words that are to be set in italics). 
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1 The usual mark-up on clothes is about 20 percent.
2 The retailer's mark-up is 50%.
3 The mark-up on food in a restaurant is usually at least 100 %.
4 The mark-up on food in a restaurant is at least 100%.
5 Would you propose that mark-up is checked before capture?
6 It is also clearly much easier to produce one's own draft agreement than to work from and mark-up some one else's.
7 The client must be told the hourly rate charged and the extent of the mark-up for skill, care and attention.
8 The mark-up should be fair and reasonable, the speculator being reimbursed for both time and enterprise.
9 The existence of a mark-up has to be taken into account when considering the response to a corporate tax.
10 Context-tables use the same troff -like mark-up as the rest of a document.
11 If there were to be a reduction in the mark-up, then this would further reinforce the effect.
12 They're probably cheaper than Selina, come to think of it, what with the hotel mark-up.
13 With the simple constant mark-up pricing supposed, the tax on monopoly profit makes no difference.
14 All other things being equal, the smaller the retailing mark-up, the greater the profit share for the manufacturer.
15 They are made available directly to you - with no bookstore mark-up and no distribution excesses.
16 Given the mark-up on room service, he quite likes it.
17 Markup indented based on nesting level.
18 XHTML stands for Extensible HyperText Markup Language.
19 HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.
20 Ink Markup Language ( InkML ).
21 HTML is not the only type of markup language.
22 A Panel is a reusable component that holds markup and other components.
23 The most popular markup languages, HTML and XHTML, are used primarily for display purposes, with tags to which designers can apply styles via CSS.
24 Bluefish supports many programming and markup languages, and includes many utilities for designers and programmers.
25 And there is no sales tax and no retail markup.
26 Investment banks earn underwriting fees by buying new securities from corporate issuers and reselling them to investors at a markup.
27 Their resistance and boycott threat might instead be more of an effort to whittle down the markup that Rio Tinto is seeking in current contract negotiations.
28 Markup extensions return objects based on string attribute values or markup elements in XAML.
29 Where can I go to verify my document uses correct markup?
30 Other technologies like Tea and Enhydra XMLC that allow the input of a pure markup language page also allow this,[] although they do not mandate it.
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