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Manipulating in a sentence

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1. Using binary notation is in fact just manipulating ones and noughts.
2. He was a past-master at manipulating the media for his own ends.
3. She's a master at manipulating people.
4. Computers are very efficient at manipulating information.
5. The opposition leader accused government ministers of manipulating the statistics to suit themselves.
6. She's always borrowing my clothes and manipulating me to give her vast sums of money.
7. Browsers are also capable of manipulating local files.
8. Babies investigate their world by manipulating objects.
9. There are overheads when defining and manipulating hierarchies, and this is particularly apparent when comparisons are made with the relational approach.
10. She sucked in her cheeks on it, manipulating her lithe tongue around its thickness.
11. Apart from anything else, by both thwarting and manipulating nationalism, it prevented it from learning its limits.
12. DeskScan/UX allows scanning, viewing, manipulating for scale, contrast and brightness, storing and printing high-resolution colour and monochrome images.
13. By manipulating how the virtual scene moves with your body movements, we may be able to help people with motion sickness.
14. So the artist, with his brush, is manipulating tinctures of the very principles that underlie all nature.
15. Developing a budget involves manipulating numbers and requires strong analytical skills.
16. The vulture is manipulating the stone and using it as an extension of its beak to crack the egg.
17. He has done so by manipulating contributions to certain government retirement plans.
18. We know that children develop mathematical concepts through manipulating objects and talking about what they are doing.
19. They'll have kids who are two, three,( who are manipulating them into buying toys.
20. Printed exhortations can convey the same dehumanizing views; but print is limited in its manipulating power by the factor of delay.
21. They can also be attached to, or incorporated with other chemicals or molecules to create useful manipulating structures such as tweezers.
22. Because it is patently obvious that Rollins is not bullshitting or manipulating.
23. Advanced Expert Systems Conventional computing has improved efficiency by storing and manipulating data and information faster and more accurately than people.
24. The full power of the instruction set is now available for manipulating each half of the product.
25. The skills that were needed to make intricate patterns by manipulating bobbins and pins at speed were learned at an early age.
26. So far, the computer has proved very efficient at storing, manipulating and processing information.
27. Database technology depends on the development of an appropriate data model for structuring and manipulating the data.
28. The Senator was a gifted demagogue, with particular skill in manipulating press and television.
29. He received consecutive two-year sentences for five charges which included manipulating stock prices, paying bribes and insider trading.
30. Strenuous efforts have been made to program such recognition abilities into microcomputers and several packages for manipulating and comparing spectra are available.
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