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Leverage in a sentence

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Synonym: leveragingpurchaseSimilar words: averagecoverageon averageover and over againleverclevercleverlyclevernessMeaning: ['levərɪdʒ /'lɪːv-]  n. 1. the mechanical advantage gained by being in a position to use a lever 2. strategic advantage; power to act effectively 3. investing with borrowed money as a way to amplify potential gains (at the risk of greater losses). v. 1. supplement with leverage 2. provide with leverage. 
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1) His function as a Mayor affords him the leverage to get things done through attending committee meetings.
2) We'll have to use leverage to move this huge rock.
3) They are determined to gain more political leverage.
4) Her wealth gives her enormous leverage in social circles.
5) He has some leverage over the politician.
6) Retailers can exert leverage over producers by threatening to take their business elsewhere.
7) Position the piece of wood so that maximum leverage can be applied.
8) Nader is relishing the leverage and the limelight.
9) The pressure to revert to maximising leverage ratios and suppress local authority and community-led development would be intense.
10) The decreasing leverage of the state allowed capital greater influence over production,[] credit and ideology.
11) At the same time, their capacity to leverage private capital in support of these developments has varied considerably.
12) Operating leverage is very high near the breakeven point and decreases as the level of production increases above the breakeven point.
13) The gain from leverage arises because the interest payments on bonds are tax-deductible whereas the dividend payments on shares are not.
14) Only those whose prodigious skill gives them leverage for negotiating secure contracts are prepared to forsake higher education for sport.
15) A buy-out usually involves some form of leverage, in that financing is provided by banks and investment institutions.
16) The national brewers' leverage has been intensified as a result of the rise of lager.
17) The ability to leverage private capital has also come to be increasingly expressed in defense of sorely needed downtown redevelopment activity.
18) He tried to push the door open, but he didn't have sufficient leverage.
19) If the United Nations had more troops in the area, it would have greater leverage.
20) A longer piece of wood would give you greater leverage.
21) The spade and fork have longer shafts, providing better leverage.
22) And for better or worse, the new interactivity brings enormous political leverage to ordinary citizens at relatively little cost.
23) Now, the company is poised to deliver on the promise it has used to leverage its future during research and development.
24) One would call for $ 6. 35 million in public loans to leverage $ 30 million in private investment.
25) We know how to teach other women to do it too, to leverage their natural expertise as peacemakers.
26) Meanwhile, organized labor and the thousands of new patronage jobs in the federal bureaucracy gave the president powerful political leverage.
27) The successful LBOs as a group also experienced greater increases in leverage with the buyout.
28) Also, their power to grant or withhold benefits provides them with considerable leverage over clients.
29) He never let Karelin use his size advantage for leverage, standing shoulder to shoulder and chest to chest instead.
30) If necessary use a metal bar to increase the leverage, then repeat for the further tap.
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