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Leave behind in a sentence

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Sentence count:50Posted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: leaveleave aloneSimilar words: behindfall behindbehind scheduleleaveleave outleave offleave aloneweaveMeaning: v. 1. depart and not take along 2. be survived by after one's death 3. leave unchanged or undisturbed or refrain from taking. 
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1. Leave behind a clean world for future generations.
2. Olympic cities usually leave behind a legacy of grand structures to go with the competitions held inside them.
3. Each wishes to leave behind a legacy of solid achievement.
4. When she dies-and it will be soon-she will leave behind three orphaned children.
5. Do you really think the uneducated people they leave behind will be able to keep the artificial environments stable?
6. Leave a Surprise Leave behind a special note to be put into a lunch box or under a pillow.
7. I sense that he wants to leave behind anything that will remind him of those years.
8. They were forced to leave behind all their most cherished possessions.
9. What did I leave behind?
10. Everybody's got something they had to leave behind.
11. It's what you leave behind you when you go.
12. Do not leave behind any personal belongings.
13. So we leave behind this Codex.
14. Without concern for the devastation they leave behind, coal companies in the U. S. mine the Appalachian Mountains by simply blasting their tops off.
15. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna: What do we leave behind when we cross each frontier?
16. Supernovae remnants can leave behind pulsars or spinning neutron stars that may produce gravitational waves.
17. Why not simply intend to leave behind that which brings you joylessness and create a new life instead?
18. Guests frequently misplace or leave behind their personal possessions in hotel rooms.
19. As drugs kill off the virus most susceptible to them,( they leave behind the more resistant strains.
20. No army would advance into enemy territory and carelessly leave behind it important pockets of resistance.
21. Mrs Fanning also stood up and said she could stand to leave behind a little something.
22. Typically, layoffs comb out the young, eager employees and leave behind the deadwood-in jobs they neither know nor want.
23. There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behindC.S. Lewis 
24. People can retell and record their stories, preserving the life they knew for those they leave behind.
25. The idea behind his work was to completely recreate a landscape,( but leave behind something which looked completely natural.
26. But it's also very easy to imagine an attacker wanting to leave behind a "false flag" in order to throw investigators off the trail and implicate a big target like Anonymous.
27. Scientists who study the past, especially the objects that people leave behind, are called archaeologists.
28. Bleaching occurs when the tiny plant-like coral organisms die, often because of higher temperatures, and leave behind only a white limestone reef skeleton.
29. As Paul Robbins reports in “Lawn People” (2007), the first pesticide popularly spread on lawns was lead arsenate, which tended to leave behind both lead and arsenic contamination.
30. Don't bemoan anything or anyone that you need to leave behind.
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