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Jitter in a sentence

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Sentence count:120Posted:2017-03-07Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: pitter-patterfittertitterbitterlitterfritterglitterembitterMeaning: ['dʒɪtə(r)]  n. 1. small rapid variations in a waveform resulting from fluctuations in the voltage supply or mechanical vibrations or other sources 2. a small irregular movement. 
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1. I always get the jitters before exams.
2. I always get the jitters the morning before an exam.
3. I get the jitters before exams.
4. The jitters are worst in the capital, where 61% of people are fearful of a terrorist attack.
5. I always get the jitters before I go on stage.
6. Louise had pre-wedding jitters.
7. Louise had the pre - wedding jitters so badly she nearly didn't make it to the church.
8. The jitters have reached the public.
9. Jody tries to jog away the jitters.
10. The debt is causing jitters among experts.
11. Jitters had been wounded early, and washed back to the landing craft.
12. Like Jitters, she had knocked around the world a bit and wound up in Dead Rat.
13. But jitters about the deteriorating budget talks have driven yields steadily higher.
14. Another woman, comically strung-out, is interrupted in her jitters by a wounded man who tumbles hard through the cafe doors.
15. There exist a lot of different Jitter test signals.
16. Jitter expressed as a fraction of the significant interval.
17. Jitter is a random variation of the output clock.
18. Jitter is an important parameter of VoIP QoS.
19. The third is the compensation of time base jitter.
20. Jitter and misplace of the bit synchronization signal will reduce the anti-interference performances of communication equipment directly, also increase bit error probabaility.
21. Output jitter is defined in three ways: period jitter. duty-cycle jitter, and phase jitter.
22. Officials feared that any public announcements would only increase market jitters.
23. Come away from that cliff edge! You're giving me the jitters!
24. Talking with professionals involved in your care can soothe preoperative jitters.
25. So the fear of recession in the world's largest economy is sending jitters around the globe.
26. The risk of California's electricity utilities going bankrupt has added to the market's jitters.
27. The rest will be moved on to a perfectly adequate out-of-town portal site with ads that flash and jitter.
28. In real-time control systems based on fixed priority scheduling, the latency and jitter of task are important factors which will impact the stability of the system.
28. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
29. This method combines series and parallel variable delay lines, and measures skew and jitter of clocks using high precision phase detector based on the DLL (Delay-Locked Loop) theory.
30. The video tracker controls a mirror to acquire the Relay Mirror Experiment (RME) satellite, and provides a robust low bandwidth tracking loop to remove line of sight jitter.
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