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Interstate commerce in a sentence

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1. No administration had directed the Interstate Commerce Commission to order discontinuance of this practice in conformity with the court decisions.
2. States may regulate local incidents of interstate commerce when Congress has not occupied the field. 23.
3. Interstate Highway Commission; interstate highways; Interstate Commerce Commission; interstate commerce.
4. Soon the Interstate Commerce Commission announced rules banning racial segregation at all public transportation centers.
5. One test governs state legislation that discriminates against interstate commerce.
6. In response, the Interstate Commerce Commission, the United States' first economic regulatory agency, was created in 1887.
7. New headquarters built for the Interstate Commerce Commission celebrated government regulation, which reined in market forces and curbed capitalism.
8. The danger in the court's narrow view of interstate commerce as consisting only goods in transit.
9. A law regulating the railroads was enacted in 1887 (Interstate Commerce Act) and another, preventing large firms from controlling a single industry, in 1890 (Sherman Antitrust Act).
10. Commerce between the states is regulated by the Interstate Commerce Commission, but intrastate commerce is supervised by the states themselves.
11. Regulation of freight rates by the Interstate Commerce Commission was removed for most cargoes, provided they could go by road.
11. try its best to gather and make good sentences.
12. Thus it follows that states may not regulate interstate commerce.
13. That clause limits the domestic lawmaking power of Congress to issues involving interstate commerce.
14. Louis, Missouri, introduced a resolution which requested a committee investigation based on the power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce.
15. All have been defined by the United States Department of Agriculture for poultry products in interstate commerce.
16. Background: Hammer v. Dagenhart concerned an act of Congress that banned the products of child labor from interstate commerce.
17. Congress may forbid discrimination in public accommodations that are related to interstate commerce. 28.
18. One of the roles of the federal government is to regulate interstate commerce.
19. A large proportion of meat and poultry food products move in interstate commerce.
20. Hey Matt, old pal, old buddy, this stuff got stolen from us, it was moving, interstate commerce.
21. Congress has undoubted power to redefine the distribution of power over interstate commerce.
22. They quarrel with Taft over the terms of a bill to strengthen the powers of the Interstate Commerce Commission.
23. Any activity, even if purely intrastate, can be regulated by the federal government if it substantially affects interstate commerce.
24. The agency was ordered to develop such guidelines by Congress in 1995 when it enacted legislation creating the STB as a successor to the former Interstate Commerce Commission.
25. In addition, the FederalRegulatory Commission's authority to regulate oil pipelines came from the Interstate Commerce Commission.
26. Intrastate milk competes with interstate milk, and thus the price of intrastate milk has an impact on the price of the interstate milk, thereby affecting interstate commerce.
27. In addition, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's authority to regulate oil pipelines came from the Interstate Commerce Commission.
28. In practice, the most important of these federal powers is the power to regulate interstate commerce.
29. Judge Henry Hudson concluded that Congress can't regulate "economic inactivity, " the failure to buy health insurance, as if it were "economic activity" that affected interstate commerce.
30. The U. S. government has tried to reap the advantages of large-scale organization while minimizing the dangers through legislation, such as the Interstate Commerce Act and the Sherman Antitrust Act.
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