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Mercenary in a sentence

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Synonym: freelancematerialisticmercantilemercenarymoneymakingsoldier of fortuneworldly-mindedSimilar words: bicentenarycommerceper centpercentscenariopercentagecoerceperceptMeaning: ['mɜrsənerɪ /'mɜːsnrɪ] n. a person hired to fight for another country than their own. adj. 1. marked by materialism 2. used of soldiers hired by a foreign army 3. profit oriented. 
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1. Virtue flies from the heart of a mercenary man. 
2. She did it for purely mercenary reasons.
3. James is so mercenary that he'd turn in his own mother for the reward money.
4. She's interested in him for purely mercenary reasons.
5. He had some mercenary scheme to marry a wealthy widow.
6. meanly avaricious and mercenary.
7. You're a mercenary and you kill people with laser guns!
8. So the choice often comes down to mercenary peacekeeping or no peacekeeping.
9. His actions are entirely mercenary.
10. He was a Protestant mercenary from Moravia who foresaw Habsburg victory and joined up on the side of the emperor.
11. For better or worse, with sincerity or mercenary attachment, the hip musical climate was heavily involved.
12. Sponsors were criticized for their mercenary attitude toward the Olympic games.
13. Mercenary men lust for wealth.
14. Even this gesture, a mercenary movement,[Sentencedict] had about it the lilt of broken syllables.
15. The mercenary ones simply put up with them and pretend that they love them for what they can get out of them.
16. "He was actually a privateer, a mercenary licensed by the government to loot merchant ships flying the colors of England's enemies -- mainly France and Spain," explained Wareham.
17. The mercenary wore his ruby-red eye patch over his right eye this day, Dinin noted.
18. Affiance originated from mercenary marriage of ancient society. The relative law of most countries or regions also stipulate the affiance system.
19. Now, " mercenary the world " by La Gang of network game company online development becomes homonymic network game.
20. Some went as mercenary soldiers , others as merchants or craftsmen, some in organized groups , others singly.
21. On the one hand, temple police functioned as a small mercenary army to protect the temple precincts.
22. At first glance, he resembled a truck driver, or perhaps a mercenary soldier.
23. Their hair was everywhere in the gusts: a solemn mercenary navy imported by a poor place.
24. He created a chain of fortified villages and strongpoints and established a corps of mercenary troops to guard them.
25. To a very recently bereaved family who are struggling with a multiplicity of emotions this early attention to fees can seem mercenary.
26. Collectors who are really dedicated have to be as mercenary as Boba Fett to get what they want.
27. Small black and small armor Xi fair outside the tent, before gathered some mercenary soldiers at them,( an eyes expose strange light-that is the penurious wind.
28. Behind the scenes, Lord North had quietly begun negotiations with several German princes of Hesse and Brunswick to hire mercenary troops.
29. The doctor thought it very vulgar to be precipitate in accusing people of mercenary motives.
30. Let the wormhole lapse and then dial through to one of their allies and a mercenary.
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