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Fatality in a sentence

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Sentence count:64Posted:2017-04-01Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: human deathSimilar words: fatalistfatalismfatalisticvitalitymentalitymortalitybrutalityhospitalityMeaning: [fə'tælətɪ]  n. 1. a death resulting from an accident or a disaster 2. the quality of being able to cause death or fatal disasters. 
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1. Different forms of cancer have different fatality rates.
2. A sense of fatality gripped her.
3. There was a strange fatality about their both losing their jobs on the same day.
4. Airplane fatality rates are low.
5. New drugs have reduced the fatality of the disease.
6. The fatality incidence rates per 100,000 stands at 11.5 compared with 4.2 for self-employed construction workers.
7. Whether such a ferret fatality can be attributed to it remaining unmated is highly debatable.
8. Severe deliriumtremens has a fatality rate of 20%, higher than any drug except the barbiturates.
9. At least one double fatality has been caused in this way.
10. Doctors are trying to reduce the fatality of diseases.
11. Perinatal fatality was 26.07 % , stillbirth 5.12 % , newborn baby death 23.08 %.
12. The fatality rate of pneumonic plague is a staggering 95 percent.
13. "One was a fatality due to toxic epidermal necrolysis, and the other was a severe hypersensitivity reaction, " said Mr.
14. China also has the highest fatality rate for miners, despite repeated safety sweeps.
15. The most serious form of skin cancer has a 30 percent fatality rate.
16. According to the National Fire Protection Association, we have the highest fatality rate from fire in the industrial world.
17. Until now, all my road worries have concerned either a driving fatality or an ambush by crazed trailer-park desperadoes.
18. Over the past 30 years there has been a sprinkling of repairable incidents and three Spitfires totally lost with pilot fatality.
19. A further adjustment is required for direct costs associated with a fatality that are not borne by the family of the victim.
20. The operation was smooth,[] with no intracranial infection or fatality.
21. An elderly gravida easily suffered from subarachnoid hemorrhage with high case fatality.
22. Most of the 215 human stampedes recorded between 1980 and 2007 occurred in South Asia and Africa, with fatality rates nearly eight-fold higher in developing countries.
23. Rabies are not effective the method which cures, the case fatality rate nearly 100 %.
24. Rabies is a zoonosis caused by rabies virus characterized by infection of central nervous system, which is the communicable diseases with the highest case fatality at present, almost 100%.
25. P. 001 and individual cancer subtypes with a high fatality rate.
26. At least 76 people have died since 1981 , according to an unofficial 24 fatality list.
27. From the newborn, the babies and infants to the school-age child, the disease incidence rate and the case fatality rate assume the tendency which drops gradually.
28. The potentency of the toxIn from Clostridium botulInum is sufficient to create 65 % fatality In humans who Ingest the toxIn.
29. Methods: 80 emergency cases of severe craniocerebral injury complicated with tentorium cerebelli hiatus hernia were included in this study for statistical analysis on fatality rate.
30. Compaed with traditional HSCT, NST can reduce acute GVHD, lower the toxicity related to fore treatment, shorten the time of agranulocytosis phase and decrease case fatality related to transplantation.
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