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Insoluble in a sentence

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Synonym: unsolvableAntonym: solubleSimilar words: solublevolublesolubilityinsolentinsolventinsolenceinsolvencyinsolentlyMeaning: ['ɪn'sɑljəbl /'ɪn'sɒljʊbl] adj. 1. (of a substance) incapable of being dissolved 2. admitting of no solution or explanation 3. without hope of solution. 
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(1) Carotenes are insoluble in water and soluble in oils and fats.
(2) Sand is insoluble in water.
(3) These minerals are all insoluble in water.
(4) These chemicals are practically insoluble in water.
(5) As cholesterol is insoluble in water, it has to combine with a soluble protein in order to form a soluble lipoprotein.
(6) Silicone grease is insoluble in water and can be autoclaved.
(7) The government is faced with an apparently insoluble problem.
(8) This inhibition is caused by the formation of insoluble precipitates of calcium, phosphate(, and bile acid micelles.
(9) However the globulins are insoluble in water but soluble in weak salt solutions.
(10) These are no longer insoluble problems.
(11) As the flooded forests decompose, insoluble mercury in the soil and vegetation turns into soluble methyl mercury.
(12) Because the lithium hydroxide is insoluble in the organic phase, it remains within the micelle.
(13) At this point(, the crisis appears insoluble.
(14) This insoluble predicament was the source of the decay, corruption and mounting tension evident within the upper echelons of the regime.
(15) Heterogeneous catalysts are insoluble in the reaction medium.
(16) I pushed the problem aside; at present it was insoluble.
(17) Traffic congestion in large cities seems to be an insoluble problem.
(18) It has a soft, waxy nature and chemically it is important to know that it is insoluble in water.
(19) Cholesterol is a white, waxy solid with a soapy feel which is virtually insoluble in water.
(20) Birds excrete uric acid rather than urea because it is an insoluble solid.
(21) Iron and manganese bicarbonates can be removed in the cold lime-soda treatment by pre-aeration, followed by precipitation as the insoluble hydroxides.
(22) The peace movement in the 1930s was faced with quite insoluble problems.
(23) Women often become the embodiment of both the interesting and the insoluble questions in these areas.
(24) The cleaning-up operation after the oil spill will be difficult but not insoluble.
(25) But because both systems deify one aspect of reality they produce problems which are insoluble within their own terms of reference.
(26) So we find him circling for months around the insoluble problem of Kee, exulting and then despairing, then exulting again.
(27) There are tricky issues of national sovereignty and private / public relationships but they are not insoluble.
(28) The government has to deal with what seems like an insoluble political problem -- racial harmony within the community.
(29) Hard water will, of course, affect soaping processes and consume soap by the formation of insoluble calcium and magnesium soaps.
(30) The selected area of a faced sample or hand specimen must be marked with water insoluble felt tip pen before cutting.
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