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Absolute in a sentence

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Synonym: completeentireessentialperfectpositivesupremethoroughtotalSimilar words: absolutionresolutedissoluteabsolveabsolvedsolutionconvolutedresolutionMeaning: ['æbsəluːt]  n. something that is conceived to be absolute; something that does not depends on anything else and is beyond human control. adj. 1. perfect or complete or pure 2. complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers 3. not limited by law 4. expressing finality with no implication of possible change 5. without conditions or limitations 6. not capable of being violated or infringed. 
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1. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. 
2. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
3. Around them the darkness was absolute, the silence oppressive.
4. He was filled with absolute terror at the sight.
5. FBI demands its employees absolute allegiance to this bureau.
6. She knew with absolute certainty that he'd say no.
7. I look upon this as an absolute necessity.
8. Motion is absolute while stagnation is relative.
9. I have absolute faith in her judgment.
10. There's no absolute requirement to disclose your age.
11. It's not really suited to absolute beginners.
12. He demands absolute obedience from his men.
13. His wife is an absolute peach.
14. I was compelled to do so by absolute necessity.
15. I have absolute confidence in her.
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16. It is an absolute fact.
17. He described her book as absolute rubbish.
18. 'You're wrong,' she said with absolute certainty.
19. The white belt signifies that he's an absolute beginner.
20. Attorneys are ethically and legally bound to absolute confidentiality.
21. Her face had an expression of absolute serenity.
22. He's an absolute donkey.
23. I can offer you £20 but that's my absolute limit.
24. He's an absolute fruitcake.
25. You're an absolute fool!
26. The school governors have absolute discretion over which pupils they admit.
27. The first year of the course was an absolute doddle.
28. I have told them with absolute certainty there'll be no change of policy.
29. Ending the fighting must be the absolute priority, the litmus test of the agreements' validity.
30. To suppose, as we all suppose, that we could be rich and not behave as the rich behave, is like supposing that we could drink all day and keep absolute sober. 
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