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Imprudent in a sentence

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Sentence count:35Posted:2017-02-15Updated:2017-02-15
Synonym: ill-advisedindiscreetoverconfidentrashunintelligentunreasonableunsoundunwiseAntonym: prudentSimilar words: prudentimpudentimpudentlyimpudencestudentimprovementrudecrudeMeaning: [ɪm'pruːdnt]  adj. 1. not prudent or wise 2. lacking wise self-restraint. 
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1. The banks made hundreds of imprudent loans in the 1970s.
2. The report criticizes the banks for being imprudent in their lending.
3. It would be imprudent of you to make enemies of those who can help you.
4. It would be imprudent to resign from your present job before you are offered another.
5. There is nothing imprudent about this.
6. Banks are suffering the results of imprudent lending policies.
7. Though his journey had been imprudent, it was still not in itself treasonable.
8. But it would be imprudent to rely on it for ever.
9. Conflict: The bank could then make imprudent loans to Company X to keep it from failing.
10. But if people decide that the cuts are imprudent and are distributed unequally, the political impact could be very different.
11. My imprudent utterances incurred her displeasure.
12. He was horribly imprudent. I wish he was dumb.
13. In my view, she was imprudent.
14. He's never imprudent or impudent , inadvertent or negligent when he deals with international affairs.
15. It's imprudent of you to have done such a thing.
16. For a wise government, banning advertising is imprudent way of oversimplifying a complex, but multifaceted issue.
17. It was rather imprudent of the little girl to interrupt our conversation like that.
18. It was imprudent for France to indulge this trait when she was so grievously weakened.
19. The Government of Jamaica consider it imprudent to abolish the death penalty.
20. But hold on energy supplies imprudent optimism, no good at all.
21. Your cousin Melchior was imprudent with his investments and got into a very queer street.
22. It was imprudent of you to lend money to a stranger.
23. There was a reason: Investors shunned fallen angels out of a fear of seeming imprudent.
24. Even his close confidant Manning described him in later years as imprudent.
25. They do not wish to provide further working capital by means of borrowing or it may be imprudent to do so.
26. The dispersion of authority in pluralist theory prevents government from taking hasty, possibly imprudent action, but it also can prevent any action if important power centers disagree.
27. I told him that I thought it would be imprudent.
28. Although cogitative can reduce a mistake, but when the person that encounters oneself to love when you,( a little imprudent also just as well.
29. Trying to stay in a red hot market till the peak is not only dangerous, it is one of the worst and most imprudent risks of all.
30. He was lively, witty, good-natured, and a pleasant companion, but idle, thoughtless, and imprudent to the last degree.
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