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Rodent in a sentence

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Synonym: gnawergnawing animalSimilar words: erodewoodenduodenumardentdentalstudentprudentincidentMeaning: ['rəʊdnt]  n. relatively small gnawing animals having a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth specialized for gnawing. 
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1. The rodent burrowed its way into the sand.
2. Researchers observed one bird impale a rodent on a cactus.
3. When there is a full moon, this nocturnal rodent is careful to stay in its burrow.
4. The muskrat is a swamp-dwelling rodent something like a large water vole.
5. The latter is a large rodent that has the run of the island.
6. Hargreaves was a bit like a large rodent, a capybara or coypu.
7. Deer mandible chewed by small rodents showing the elongated and parallel sided double grooves characteristic of rodent gnawing.
8. The age of the robotic rodent is upon us.
9. Since rodere means "gnaw" rodent literally means "gnawer."
10. African rodent resembling a mole in habits and appearance.
11. Practice effective rodent and insect control.
12. I'll dig a psychotic rodent if I have to.
13. Methods Investigating the rodent density by ELTON.
14. The island's rodent population irrupted.
15. Even though a large number of rodenticide with continuing bating had it be treated with, it should keep the low level of rodent density not longer than 1 or 2 months.
16. The constitution of the rodent species was miscellaneous, Rattus norvegicus was the dominant in house, but the dominant in field was Apodemus agrarius.
17. Anti - rodent and anti - mosquito campaigns were mounted throughout Hong Kong during the year.
18. She worried away at her husband like a small and angry rat tackling an even smaller rodent.
18. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
19. One of the greatest hazards for today's free-roaming feline is the use of rodent poisons.
20. This reputation could be tarnished if adequate steps are not taken to control the rodent population.
21. I told Thompson to alert all the guards on duty to be on the lookout for a small brown rodent.
22. I said, sniffing the food intently, sniffing the air like an alert rodent.
23. The pimpled and veiny behemoth has the self-satisfied air of one who takes pleasure in eating a hearty meal, even if it is a live rodent struggling for survival.
24. In tick communities, Ixodes persulcatus are dominant species for all rodent hosts.
25. All vessels docking at the frontier pORts are required to be rodent free and in possession of a valid Derat OR Deratting Exemption Certificate.
26. Objective Evaluate the reproduction toxicity of lead acetate to rodent with the embryos transplant technology.
27. Hostess To study how pair-bonding happens, researchers have turned to a small, brown rodent, called the prairie vole.
28. The same gene has previously been linked to monogamous behaviour in male voles, a mouselike rodent.
29. It is shown that the difference of the structure of vomeronasal system is related with environment and reproduction behavior in rodent.
30. Objective: To evaluate effects of Diphacine Na-salt and Bromadiolone against commensal rodent in Guangxi plague area.
More similar words: erodewoodenduodenumardentdentalstudentprudentincidentevidenttridentdentistaccidentresidentdecadentidentifyimpudentidentityidenticaldissidentprovidentprecedentdependentpresidentdiffidentconfidentrespondentoccidentalimpudentlydespondentantecedent
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