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Improvise in a sentence

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Sentence count:59+6 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-22Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: ad-libdash offdevisedream upinventmake uporiginateSimilar words: improvisationimprovidentprovisionprovisionsimprovedimprovementprovinceprovideMeaning: ['ɪmprəvaɪz]  v. 1. perform without preparation 2. manage in a makeshift way; do with whatever is at hand. 
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1. The church organist may improvise on a ground bass.
2. The pianist forgot his music and had to improvise.
3. Sometimes I improvise and change the words because I forget them.
4. Robin Williams likes to improvise his comedy.
5. You can't play jazz unless you can improvise.
6. Also, make sure that you improvise variations on the fill-ins at the end of each two bar phrase.
7. I hadn't prepared a speech so I suddenly had to improvise.
8. You need a wok with a steaming rack for this; if you don'thave one, improvise.
9. I forgot to bring my notes, so I had to improvise.
10. There isn't much equipment. We're going to have to improvise.
11. As we've not got the proper materials, we'll just have to improvise.
12. There were no spare nappies, so we had to improvise with what we could find.
13. He was a composer of songs and a wonderful conductor, a man who could improvise lines on the moment.
14. During certain scenes of the play there isn't any script and the actors just improvise .
15. I think that the art of a storyteller is to take the story and improvise on it.
16. If an actor forgets his words, he has to improvise.
17. There is only one bed in the room, so one of them has to improvise on the carpet.
17. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
18. Depending on what profile you want to achieve, you may also need to improvise with lengths of dowel or similar implements.
19. Solov had given Holder sixteen bars of music to improvise to, and the dancer grabbed at the opportunity.
20. Some puppets are simple enough for the children to improvise for themselves once the teacher has introduced the idea.
21. Modern jazz players like to take a theme and improvise around it.
22. The running mates don't really matter, so the candidates can improvise more.
23. There was plenty of solution space for anyone focused on performance and ready to improvise a way of delivering it.
24. The elephants are given a cue to start and then they improvise.
25. I am delighted that an accomplished jazz musician should choose a tune of mine to improvise upon.
26. Walking: A pleasant way to explore the region is to improvise on the charming mini-network of mountain lifts.
27. By then Mike, though insecure in his ability to improvise, dreamed of being a jazz musician.
28. Performance objectives give people the best means to assess and improvise their way through change.
29. I left my lesson plans at home, so I'll have to improvise.
30. Then we drew lots to decide the order in which we should improvise, night by night.
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