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Runoff in a sentence

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Similar words: run offmake fun ofrun outrunoutrun overrun out ofborn ofturn offMeaning: n. 1. the occurrence of surplus liquid (as water) exceeding the limit or capacity 2. a final election to resolve an earlier election that did not produce a winner. 
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1. Because the early runoff of snow, heavy rains later in the year presented less threat of floods.
2. And among the likely Democratic runoff voters, only 12 percent said they did not know of Morales.
3. In the runoff campaign both candidates used negative campaign tactics, personal attack and innuendo.
4. Nearly half the runoff came from Colorado and another third from Wyoming and Utah.
5. The runoff is not as damaging to plants as sodium chloride, and the calcium may help bring down soil acidity.
6. Soon however, she found a small stream carrying runoff from the previous rain.
7. Zyuganov, successful in forcing Yeltsin into a runoff, has seen his political fortunes slip recently.
8. Sedimentrich runoff from logging, road building and real estate development has been filling the lake with nitrogen and phosphorous.
9. If no one does win a majority, a runoff election will pit the two leaders two weeks after the vote count.
10. Playa lakes are depressional wetlands that collect water runoff during rainfall events.
11. The simulation of rainfall - runoff is an important part of hydrology simulation.
12. The runoff has the catabatic effect to acidification of water quality.
13. In the east, the water is mainly oceanic with relatively minor dilution from direct monsoonal rainfall and runoff from small streams.
14. Federal and state engineers are seeking way to capture and treat the contaminated runoff.
15. Although the concentrated granules will burn any plants they touch, the diluted runoff is beneficial and provides fertilizer to plant roots.
16. On Saturday it was disgorging a torrent, trying to stay ahead of the runoff cascading from the oversaturated Sierra.
17. The rain had finished, leaving in its wake a vast, permeating leakage, the river noise of runoff.
17. Wish you can benefit from and make progress everyday!
18. Entire coastal bays and lagoons along the coast have been fouled by oil spills and the runoff of toxic chemicals.
19. Unless farm fertilisation increases, atmospheric deposition of nitrogen, especially as nitrate, may well overtake deposition from land runoff.
20. The return of Communists to power seemed possible even as late as the presidential runoff between Zyuganov and Yeltsin in July.
21. The first round will be held June 16 and the runoff on June 30.
22. All of these processes affect soil and soil water chemistry which subsequently influences the quality of runoff.
23. With little in the way of grass or forests or wetlands to hold it back, runoff during the storms is extreme.
24. After all, the candidate who wins the June 1 runoff may never serve during a legislative session.
25. If no candidate won a majority in the primary, a runoff of the top two vote-getters would be held.
26. The analysis of the first flush in dimensionless cumulative method indicated that the first flush was evident for roof runoff.
27. There was a power relationship between ephemeral gully relative increment sediment yield caused by up-slope runoff and relative increment of the stream power and shearing force.
28. Mining exploitation is one of the important resources of heavy metals pollution, heavy metals from mining activity migrate with surface runoff easily and pollute vicinal river.
29. This paper studied the soil moisture state and forest growing state of Haloxylon ammodendron sand-break forests planted by artificial and natural runoff catchment methods.
30. In this paper, the test model of fuzzy hypothesis for the period analysis of the runoff process over a number of years and the method of a fuzzy statistical inference are presented.
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