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Microbe in a sentence

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Synonym: buggermSimilar words: microbiologymicrophonemicrochipmicroscopemicrofichemicrocomputermicroscopicallywardrobeMeaning: ['maɪkrəʊb]  n. a minute life form (especially a disease-causing bacterium); the term is not in technical use. 
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1. Infectivity describes the likelihood that a particular microbe will be transmitted under particular circumstances.
2. And each microbe was made up of atoms and molecules.
3. Knowing where the microbe struck opened a door to understanding how it might work.
4. One soil microbe has, like a lion(, a social life.
5. Every creature, whether a microbe or a seraph in the seventh heaven, had its mission.
6. The professor initiated students into the mysteries of microbe.
7. How can you coax a microbe to communicate?
8. This paper introduced several kinds of antiseptics of microbe, such as Lysozme, Nisin, Poly-lysine, Kojic acid, and Natamycin. This paper also introduced the application on foodstuff industry of them.
9. The microbe, pollutants and environmental effect factors are discussed in the paper.
10. Scientists were working with a microbe called Azotobacter vinelandii, which is found around the roots of various food plants.
11. The microbe was sensitive only to a drug called colistin, which had been developed decades earlier and largely abandoned as a systemic treatment, because it can severely damage the kidneys.
12. Microbe - soil pollution ecology is a subject researching the interrelationship among fungus, pollutants and soil environment.
13. Abstract: This article discussed the research progress of microbe degradation of pesticides.
14. Wine is nourishing beverage and is liable to microbe diseases.
15. Soil microbe is a key functional factor in soil biota, some microbiological parameters can be cited as general biological indicators for assessing soil health.
16. Origanum oil could prevent microbe growth in animal feed and improve animal growth performance.
17. The probe is sensitive enough to detect the presence of a single microbe.
18. While E. coli carries its main genetic archive on conventional chromosomes, plasmids equip the microbe with small libraries of supplementary information.
19. Some thing or things have to happen for a microbe to escape its previously harmless ecological niche and reach critical mass.
20. Only within the last few years have doctors begun to realize that this microbe can cause disease.
21. Rhodopseudomonas palustris is a Gram negative, purple, non-sulfur, phototropic bacterium, and is a metabolically versatile microbe.
22. The Method of pot experiment was used in this experiment, digging the rhizosphere soil different years of continuous cropping on the anthesis, then taking count of microbe by the method of MPN.
23. Mucopolysaccharide was a kind of natural molecular, which was basically consisted of aldoses linked by indicant bond, and was almost found in all organisms including animal, plant and microbe.
24. It be little toxic and be not carcinogenic, teratogenic . It can be degraded by microbe, and the catabolite is harmless to human , beast and aquatic animal.
25. The crop green manure of villose vetch could reduce the content of salty in the degree, but the sum of microbe in the soil reduced a little.
26. Investigate the effects of Carbendazim and Flusilazole single and combine (based on proportion of production) pollution on soil of orangery microbe and soil-enzyme activities in 28 days.
27. Mutual competition and mutual dependence relations coexisted among all the microbe populations.
28. So from end of 1980 s, Japan and American began study producing chitosan by microbe fermentation.
29. Acetoin is one of the widely-used flavors, which is mainly chemically synthesized and produced by microbe.
30. The absorption is mainly on the surface of the microbe so it could reach the absorption equilibrium soon.
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